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A Comprehensive and Unbiased Review of Piyo

We found ourselves bombarded with record numbers of emails last year from people who wanted to hear our thoughts on a particular workout. We had to wait until we could put together this Piyo review though. I was preoccupied with filming the fitness program, and my friend was busy coding our platform all day every day. My wife – who was my fiancée at the time – joined the production team of Fitness Updated as well. All this meant that trying – and reviewing – Piyo was something that would have to wait.

We were able to reach out to our good friend Sandra – who is behind other favorite reviews on our site – and she agreed to test Piyo out for us. The following is her own 60-day experience trying the Piyo workout, described through what is one of the most comprehensive and unbiased Piyo reviews out there.

So let’s hear what Sandra has to say….

When I was last emailed to you guys, it led to me sweating for two straight months. The workout at that time was the Insanity Max 30 workout, and it was the biggest challenge I’d ever faced. This time I was told that it wouldn’t take a Herculean effort.

I was told that it would be easy to complete Piyo…

I’ve always had something of a love-hate connection with exercises and so was around 16 pounds over what I consider my normal weight. While it’s true that Insanity Max 30 left me looking like a bikini model when I did it a few years ago, there was no way I was going to put myself through something that intense again. Just thinking about the Insanity workout gets my heart racing!

My priorities changed, and so I decided it was time to try something more convenient when it came to fitness.

The Piyo workout looked more doable, and I always enjoy getting to assess and judge things like this. It was a challenge to stick to the program for 60 days and put together a review, but it was one I was ready to meet. Sixty days and one review later, here we are.

What is Piyo?

I was told that I should stick to a certain review structure here, so let’s begin by answering the question of what Piyo is.

Piyo is described as being a simple sixty-day workout. It was devised by Chalene Johnson of Beachbody. The workout was specifically designed to be a low-impact routine that doesn’t rely on equipment or weights. It’s a kind of one-size-fits-all program anyone can do, no matter their age or fitness level.

Let’s take a look at why the program was created;

Chalene originally put together the workout a few years ago. It was part of the routine she gave as a group fitness instructor. She says that she got some encouraging feedback about the exercise, and so decided it was time to turn it into a DVD program.

It looks to me like the goal of the program is to create an alternate solution to strenuous workouts. It’s something that the Average Joe would have no problem fitting into their schedule without having to join the military and take a boot camp.

This means that Piyo does away with the concept of training itself. It takes a completely different approach that has nothing to do with push-ups, crunches, and jumping jacks. Instead, Piyo combines yoga and Pilates with fluid movements.

This might sound a little vague, so I’ll take a look at the individual aspects of the program to make it clearer.

The Pros and Cons of the Piyo Workout Program

The first thing I want to get out of the way is that I don’t like how short some of the workouts are. There’s nothing quite like being in the groove, and it can be frustrating if you get there to see that you’re almost done with the workout. Admittedly I was something of a fitness junkie in days gone by, so maybe that won’t bother you as much as it did me. It just took a little getting used to.

Chalene works as the instructor, and she’s not your typical drill instructor. While some people might be relieved like that, I like it when I have someone screaming in my face that I can do this and that I can get through the workout. Keeps you motivated to push through.

I also miss some of the more traditional things like push-ups. Even so, exercising differently like this was still enjoyable. The stretches felt terrific, especially given that I hadn’t been on the workout wagon for quite some time now. Even beginners should have no problems.

I also love that there’s no need to do any jumping with the program. I got in the habit of working out as early as possible, and apparently, my husband has a ridiculous hearing.

I like how the program progresses, and things get more challenging as you go on. Though I have completed some intensely challenging workouts before, it was tough to get started again. Piyo eases you into working out, and I’m very thankful for that.

Another big plus for me was the measured pace of the whole thing. Things don’t start out too sexy, with you not being able to move as gracefully as Chalene does, but it does help to maintain the flow and move forward.

Does Piyo Work? The Results of the Piyo Review

I shed around five pounds in the first month, but this is according to the scale. I could tell that I looked quite a bit slimmer. The second month saw me shed another twelve pounds. I guess my muscles finally started burning through the extra fight. It may have also helped I could do the routines without having to take a break or shift away from proper form.

My thighs certainly look leaner than they did before, and my lower abs complement them to give me longer looking legs. I gained a bit of strength in my upper body – not much, but I do feel more agile. I’m more flexible than before too, and I can maintain my balance without breaking a sweat, no matter how ridiculous the balance moves are.

The flow of the routines leaves you feeling more energized than you were when you started them, with the apparent exception of Drench. That makes this what I like to call “time-positive.” I thought that taking time out of my schedule to exercise would leave me with less time, but I’ve since discovered that it was the other way around. While a demanding workout may leave you worn down and out, Piyo is uplifting and leaves you feeling better. It’s great for your mood and gives you the energy to tackle what you have to do.

I love the feeling of having more control over my body and how it moves, but I’m not sure if this is a result of doing Piyo or just a result of working out for two months straight.

I skipped a total of five days in the whole program, so I expect I would have seen better results if I never missed a day. These things happen though, so don’t worry about it if it happens to you too. I stuck to the principles of the nutrition guide when it came to food, but didn’t follow the exact recipes. Let me have some fun!

Well anyway, my abdomen looks flatter, and my back looks great – all chiseled and well-defined. I even went out and bought a new dress to celebrate my new figure.

The workouts had a great atmosphere to them, and I know I’ll do them at least a few times a week even now, to stay healthy.

I do have to pay some lip service to the program at the end of the day, and I would happily recommend it to anyone trying to get started with getting fit again or have the determination to start out fresh.

Piyo Review Final Thoughts

Piyo is a comprehensive total body workout that we’re sure you’ll have fun with. It’s refreshing given how it breaks away from traditional exercise norms. I’ve lost a total of 17 pounds and built up the muscle definition I used to have. It does work if you’re willing to put the work into it.

It’s neither difficult nor time-consuming to do, and that’s one of the biggest positives of the program. I never found the moves repetitive, and I felt the flow of the workouts was engaging and dynamic.

I would have to recommend the program to anyone that wants to change their appearance. It just takes some determination to remain consistent. It’s easier to do this and achieve the results you want with Piyo than other programs though, at least in my opinion.

I hope that my comprehensive Piyo review was able to answer your questions. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any more questions or thoughts. I also think that you should take a look at the workout these guys are putting together. It’s easily the most customizable program out there on the fitness market.

I hope you enjoyed reading through Sandra’s review of Piyo and now understand what the program is all about.

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