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21 Day Fix Review

Last updated: March 11, 2019

After being bombarded by requests to review 21 Day Fix, we decided it was time to take another look at Beachbody and assess if the 21 Day Fix workout program is worth your time and money.

We’ve both gone through several exercise programs to prove how effective they are (or aren’t) so to create a fair, objective, and useful review of 21 Day Fix, we decided it would be best to bring in some outside help. We wanted someone that would dedicate their time and energy to the 21-day workout, follow the schedule, and do things how we do things to create an extensive and informative 21 Day Fix review.

After a bit of back and forth with the people we know in the fitness industry, we chose to approach our close friend Sandra. We knew that she would be up for the task. She made it through the workout, and how here she is with her thoughts on it.

21 Day Fix Workout


I’ll start with a quick intro before diving into the 21 Day Fix. I’ve been on the fitness wagon since as far back as I can remember; cardio feats, gym workouts, Zumba, even being a competitor in women’s fitness. You name it; I’ve done it.

That said, I started getting in and out of my routines and fell off the horse a little, and the weight began to pile up. I’ve regained my passion for competing, but apparently, I’m not able to jump right back into my old fitness routines in my current condition. I’m a little overweight and don’t have the physical conditioning I once did. So I knew that I needed something else.

I’d heard about the Beachbody 21 Day Fix workout but never gave it much credit. When the fitness achievement at Lifestyle Updated approached me, I figured I should at least give it a try and see how it all works out. It would only take 21 days after all.

Now that I’ve done the workout from start to finish, I’m here with my thoughts on it.

What is it?

Much like other Beachbody products, the 21 Day Fix is a home workout DVD program. If you do buy it though, you can also access it online whenever you want through the Beachbody on Demand streaming service. The program is designed to get users back into good shape. What’s so interesting about the program is that it comes with a nutrition program as well as a fitness one.

Also worth noting is that the 21 Day Fix is the shortest workout program out there – especially compared to longer programs like the Insanity Max 30 or Cize workouts – offering you the body you want in as little as 21 days. Autumn Calabrese made the program simple enough for users to enjoy every step of the journey. Simple exercises and revolutionary portion control, along with 30 minutes of time each day, for three weeks. That’s all you need.

If you’re looking for something similar, then I recommend checking out the PiYo workout, which you can learn more about with this comprehensive PiYo review.

Why Choose it?

Given my fitness background, I can analyze the different details of the 21 Day Fix to explain why it makes sense to use this program. Here are some of the benefits of using the program, presented in simple terms.

It combines several different training methods including cardio, strength training, resistance training, yoga, Pilates, and compound exercises. Each day targets different muscle groups by using different training methods. You’re going to jump-start your muscle definition and fat loss with this kind of program.

The workouts are only half an hour each. I won’t get into why that’s so important, but let’s all admit that it’s convenient.

Everything is done right from the comfort of your own home. This doesn’t change things much for me, but you may be one of those people who have a hard time getting up and going to the gym. This option is far more convenient.

The program takes 21 days in all to complete, and there’s nothing out there that can compete with this time frame.
It comes with a detailed and practical nutrition guide, as well as a revolutionary approach to the concept of portion control.
Every move comes with modifiers, meaning everyone can enjoy this fitness program
There’s a 3-day fix nutrition plan to kick-start your weight loss in as little as 72 hours. I’m thankful for that!

Why Not Choose it?

The reasons to avoid the program may prove more useful than the reasons to choose it. There are some points where the program fails to deliver, including;

You can’t bulk up much. I was sad to hear this as someone that used to train to competition level

You can only lose up to 15 pounds in all. You’re going to have to do the program twice if you want to shed more than 20 pounds.

There are absolutely no rest days at all. Sundays are used for Yoga. While Yoga is easier and more relaxing, it’s not total rest. Thursday is reserved for Pilates, which is another kind of mini-rest.

What to Expect From it

Depending on what you expect from the program, it could meet your expectations perfectly, or fail miserably. Here’s what to expect…

Don’t expect the 21 Day Fix to be easy. You are going to sweat for your health. Even though most of the exercises are dynamic and engaging, you can expect to be on the floor for some repetitive movements too. Expect to find yourself overwhelmed by the nutrition plan when starting out. You’ll quickly figure it out though after a few minutes.

You can expect to lose up to 15 pounds of weight
You can expect to improve your physical preparedness
You can expect to build some solid muscle definition and maybe see a six-pack forming
You can expect to have a lot of fun in those 21 days

The Workouts 

I wanted my 21 Day Review to look into the workouts in as much detail as I could, without boring you to death anyway. So here are some of the workouts and what to expect from them.

Cardio Fix
Cardio Fix is a solid routine that gets you sweating a lot and leaves you breathless if you get into it enough. There’s plenty of engaging moves and innovation happening here. Enough to make you not realize it takes half an hour.

Yoga Fix
Saved for Sundays, the Yoga Fix workout allows you to relax and stretch out your muscles. It helps to improve flexibility and balance, as well as improving other aspects of fitness in the week ahead.

Pilates Fix
This workout goes down on Thursdays, allowing for a mini-rest that you are going to appreciate. However, resting your body through cardiovascular exercise tones the body well, particularly the core as just about every exercise impacts the core in some way or another.

Upper Body Fix
This is full of movements targeted the abs and back, along with the chest and shoulders. The Upper Body Fix is packed full of resistance moves, including circuit training. You can do these exercises using either a dumbbell or a resistance band.

The Eating Plan

This is where you can find a practical yet informative nutrition plan that takes you through the process step-by-step, including color-coordinated containers in the package.

The 21 Day Fix eating plan uses color-coded containers to help you achieve perfect portion control each time with barely any mistakes. There’s no need to measure food or count calories. If something is in the container, it’s good to go.

Green container is for vegetables
A purple container is for fruit
Red container is for proteins
A yellow container is for carbohydrates
Blue container is for healthy fats and cheese
The two orange containers are for seeds and dressings
The Shakeology shaker is for mixing drinks
One thing I love about the 21 Day Fix is how simple everything is. Just fill the containers with the food that goes into that color container, and enjoy! There’s no need to count calories. Just choose from the foods listed with the program. It’s about portion control above all else. That’s what makes the 21 Day Fix workout so revolutionary; you’re learning how to make healthy choices and effectively.

It’s like playing a game. You can even eat a little more one day and then skip over a container another to balance things out.

You’ll also get the 3-day Nutrition Fix Plan that gets you beach-body ready in 72 hours. It’s going to shred through fat and water to get you flat, visible abs. The program recommends drinking plenty of tea and water and has allowances for coffee.

You can also eat an extra green container if you are feeling hungry. It’s very difficult to eat too many vegetables after all!

Top Tips for Completing the 21 Day Fix Workout
The workouts are open to interpretation, as there are no two people who will do things exactly the same and have the exact same body condition. While there are some who might take a short detour with the nutrition plan, there are others who won’t be able to keep up with the workouts.

In order to prepare you as best as possible, and help you to get the most out of your 21 Day Fix, here are my answers to the most frequently asked questions;

Be sure to follow the advice of the 21 Day Fix to the letter. If you don’t do the workout today, then don’t beat yourself up about it too much; be sure to complete it properly the next day.

Give each workout you’re all. I can’t stress that point enough. The more effort you put into the workouts, the better the results that you get from them.

It’s better to do one repetition right than ten repetitions with the wrong form. The better you keep your form during a movement, the more you activate your muscles during the exercise. Don’t worry about that too much, as Autumn is going to guide you through every exercise.

Stick to the nutrition plan as best as you can. It takes a revolutionary approach to structure meals, and it can work great within just a week because of it.

The only things you’ll need to get good results are sneakers, a water bottle, a towel, and maybe a mat on the ground. Everything else is investing your energy, showing up and doing the work when you have to, and following the nutrition plan.

If you wanted to, you could complete the 21 Day Fix and then start again immediately and do another 21 days. It’s a great way to look much better in a month and a half.

My Results With the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody

I did one round of 21 Day Fix and lost 12 pounds. I also saw a big improvement in my muscle definition. My six-pack is starting to show again, and I’m ready to get started with some heavy-duty training to have a chance at competing again.

I’ve found myself enjoying the workouts, particularly the more innovative and complex ones I’ve never come across before, and trust me when I say I’ve seen lots of different exercises. The meal portion control idea is revolutionary, and I managed to feel full even though I was eating healthy and working out each day. It was simple to follow along with; both the exercise and nutrition plan that is.

Where to Purchase it?

*Update* – As of recently, every Beachbody workout can be found on their subscription service Beachbody on Demand. I’d have to recommend trying Beachbody on Demand, which can be done through the official website.

It costs $99 for a yearly subscription to Beachbody on Demand, but you do get access to all of their latest and greatest programs. All of the most prevalent workout programs – including P90X and Insanity – are up there. You also get complete access to any future Beachbody releases. Talk about a great deal!

A subscription to Beachbody on Demand also comes with a comprehensive 30-day money back assurance.


I hope you found this 21 Day Fix review helpful, and now have the information you need to decide if the workout is right for you or not. I can say that I did have a lot of fun with it, lost plenty of fat tissue, and improved my muscle definition to the point that would have otherwise taken months of hard work.

Try out the 21 Day Fix for yourself, and let Autumn and the meal plan do their work for three weeks to give you a great body ready for bikini season. It’s going to take just three weeks out of your life, for 30 minutes each day, as well as a detailed guide to eating properly.

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know about the 21 Day Fix with a comment below!

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