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22 Minute Hard Corps Review

Last updated: March 01, 2019

Beachbody have put together some of the toughest home workout programs out there. One of their most popular programs – and the one that made Beachbody a household name – was the P90X programs and the sequel programs P90X2 and P90X3. The mind behind the P90X series – Tony Horton – continues to work with Beachbody and regularly puts together new and more improved workout programs that challenge even the toughest of athletes. One of his recent creations is one that manages to do just that in as little as 22 minutes a day.

If you’re a big fan of Tony Horton and his hard but effective workouts, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the latest addition to his repertoire of workout programs.

22 Minutes is an ideal choice for anyone that claims to have a busy lifestyle that leaves them with no time for working out. If you’ve ever told yourself that you’re too busy to go to the gym, that workouts are too long, that you don’t have enough time to fit a workout into your day, that you can’t afford a gym membership, or any other excuse, you’ll want to check out the 22 Minutes Hard Corps workout. This workout is great because not only does it push you to your limits and beyond in just 22 minutes, but it also clears the obstacles holding most people back from reaching their fitness goals; time, convenience, and experience.


As you might be able to guess from the name of the program, 22 Minute Hard Corp comes with a military influence and theme. The program was inspired by military boot camps and features veterans, both active and retired military officers, in the workouts. Tony Horton has dedicated the program to the men and women of the United States military and toured several military bases across the world while filming the workouts. Creating the program was how he chose to honor the men and women sacrificing their lives for the rest of us, along with the families who never know if they’ll come home.

The 8-week program is made up of eight different routines alternating between total-body cardio workouts and resistance work. The program is great for anyone at just about any fitness level as the workouts are challenging but short, with no complex moves. Workouts are done once a day, six days a week, with a day off entered into the workout calendar that comes with the program. You will need some equipment to do the workout, but only a minimal amount. If you want to modify the workouts to decrease the intensity and difficulty, they can even be done without any equipment. The nutrition plan for 22 Minute Hard Corps is also flexible enough for anyone to follow it, no matter their dietary preference.

Many people wonder how the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout is different from Tony Horton’s P90X series of workouts. The main difference between them is the kinds of workouts included. 22 Minute Hard Corp workouts are shorter and at a more intermediate level, compared to the longer and more extreme workouts of the P90X series. The total body and strength workouts of 22 Minute Hard Corps are also inspired by military boot camps and use a military cadence for pacing, which isn’t seen with P90X.

What is the 22 Minute Hard Corps?

The name for 22 Minute Hard Corps comes from the fact it takes 22 minutes to complete each workout. It could take longer during the “hell week” that comes near the end of the program, but the workouts are overall fast yet demanding.

The training protocol adopts a practical blueprint inspired by standard military drills for soldiers and tactical personnel that need to be as fit as possible 24/7 anywhere around the world with no access to special equipment or facilities, but still need to be flexible, resilient, and strong.

22 Minute Hard Corps is not a bodybuilding program designed to provide maximum muscle mass and strength. Rather, it’s a demanding fitness regimen designed to improve overall strength and stamina and leave behind a ripped physique. It’s powered by cardio, bodyweight, plyometrics, and as little equipment as possible.

At most, you will need a 6×6 foot space to do the workouts, a resistance band, a pair of dumbbells, and a sandbag.

About it

We’re coming to that time of year where we want to get a fresh start, especially in regards to health and fitness. Then again, there are no such things as the wrong time to take your health seriously. The problem is that most of us genuinely don’t have the time to spend going to the gym and spending several hours a week there.

That’s where 22 Minute Hard Corp comes in.

Created and hosted by fitness expert Tony Horton, who has visited many military bases over the years to “help troops reach their maximum fitness potential,” 22 Minute Hard Corps is an eight-week program designed to quickly and effectively get you in the best shape of your life. So, how does it work?

Each of the three military-style resistance workouts, three cardio-style workouts, and two core workouts included in 22 Minute Hard Corp is designed to engage every muscle in your body from top to bottom. While these exercises are fast, simple, and cadenced – taking just 22 minutes – they are designed to be just as intense; allowing you to get great results without having to perform an endless stream of moves. That means you’ll be dripping with sweat by the end of the workout.

If you’re a fan of Beachbody, then you know that the workout programs they release are some of the most popular around and that many users have seen great results by following them through to the end and sticking to them. Is there anything that can make 22 Minute Hard Corps stand out from the crowd though? Perhaps more importantly, what kind of results can you expect from it?

We’ll get into all of that, and more, with our review. We’ll start by looking at the different exercises of 22 Minute Hard Corps.


Interval Training
Interval training is a staple of many Beachbody fitness programs. This is where you alternate between intense activity and light activity. An example of interval training is running in place for 10 seconds, dropping down for 15 pushups, and repeating the exercise for two to three minutes before jogging in place to bring your heart rate back down a little. You’ll repeat the loop several times before moving on to a new exercise.

Circuit Training
Circuit training is a cousin to interval training, and it involves quickly moving between exercises and often combines strength training and cardiovascular training. When it comes to 22 Minute Hard Corp, this could mean just using dumbbells and sandbags, which we’ll get to later.

When it comes to ease of use, circuit training tends to be less intense than interval training, but neither would be the first choice of anyone that is overweight or hasn’t worked out in a long time. Also, those with bad backs and painful joints may have trouble with these kinds of exercises.

Granted, we don’t mean to say that you should avoid 22 Minute Hard Corps altogether, just that you should discuss it with your doctor before doing it.

Now, how much will 22 Minute Hard Corps cost, and what can you expect to get for your money?

Who Should Get it?

22 Minute Hard Corps could hardly be considered an easy program, so I couldn’t recommend beginners try it. There will be someone making modified moves you can do if you aren’t able to work at the same intensity or speed as the people in the workout video. However, the majority of the moves are challenging (burpees are a staple of the workout) so I’d recommend trying one of the lighter Beachbody workouts such as Autumn’s Country Heat or the perennially popular 21 Day Fix first.

This workout program is meant for people who:

Have a low intermediate to advanced level of fitness
Want to achieve results in less than 30 minutes a day
Like athletic-based training with simple exercises
Want a combination of cardio, abdominal, and strength exercises
I love Tony Horton and the training method he adopts. Sometimes I do enjoy going through a dance workout for cardio, but there will come times where I’m in no mood to mess around. I want to get my heart rate up as high as possible, and this is one workout that does just that. Each workout lasts just 22 minutes, so you’ll want to do a quick warm-up first. The workouts only come with a cool down at the end, and a short one at that, so I’d also recommend stretching.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide variety in routines and muscle recruitment, meaning workouts target different muscles on different days
  • Workouts only take 22 minutes but will get you sweating and breathing hard
  • Each exercise is done to a cadence, making it easy to follow them and keep a rhythm
  • The simple format includes three sets of varying repetitions
  • Cardio routines can be done without any equipment
  • Many exercises are genuine exercises performed during military workouts
  • Short and effective workouts that can be slotted into a busy schedule without a problem
  • Eight workouts help to avoid boredom and repetition
  • Each exercise comes with modifications to appeal to all fitness levels
  • Minimal equipment required for completing workouts
  • Have the option of adding an extra week and turning it into a 9-week program
  • Simple and family friendly nutritional plan that is easy to follow
  • You will need some equipment to do the resistance workouts, so these could be difficult to do while traveling
  • If you are someone who regularly works out and wants something demanding, you might not get what you want from the 22 minutes and should consider doubling up
  • Equipment Dumbbells from 5-35lbs depending on your fitness level. Some will require heavier dumbbells
  • Pull-up bar and pull-up assist band if required Jump mat or yoga mat
    A PT sandbag. This is the sandbag that is used with the program as an alternative to dumbbells. Note that you have to get a bag that can hold up to 20lbs and will have to fill the bag yourself.

Buying Options

As is the case with every Beachbody program, you have the chance of purchasing under the “guidance” of a Beachbody coach. This is a workout junkie that can help to guide you through the program. They are helpful for those who feel they would need some extra motivation and support to get through. With this option, the basic DVD package will set you back $39.95 when purchased directly through Beachbody. You will be assigned a coach unless you know one already and request them.

You can also purchase 22 Minute Hard Corps review from the king of e-commerce, Amazon. The basic package sells for $49.85 on Amazon. It’s more expensive, but you can have it shipped in 2 days if you are enrolled with Amazon Prime.

For a higher investment ($99) you can get three extra workouts that add some extra intensity and variety to the program. The add-on is called the “Special Ops for the 22 Minute Hard Corps Program,” and I would have to recommend that you get the extra workouts. The basic program only has eight workouts, so getting a few more does wonder for the variety.

Another option is to purchase the program through the Beachbody on Demand video streaming service. This gives you total unlimited access to the entire Beachbody collection of workouts for just $9 a month or $99 per year. Honestly, I’ve signed up for this myself and think it’s a brilliant service. Not only do you get complete access to 22 Minute Hard Corps, but you also get access to every workout ever published by Beachbody! The workouts can be accessed immediately through your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that 22 Minute Hard Corps is an effective, time-saving total fitness program that uses several techniques to achieve optimal body conditioning using short and effective workouts.

The plan is flexible and takes a minimalist approach to gear and location, given that the exercises can be done anywhere. This means that it is most likely going to appeal to those with little free time to work out, but still want to be fit and achieve a lean, low-fat body.

The program may be simple, but don’t think that means it’s easy. It’s demanding from the word “go,” and you might want to consult your doctor first if you are overweight or in bad physical shape.

22 Minute Hard Corps, much like the military it is based on, requires discipline and commitment to see results. The workouts might take just 22 minutes, but they still need to be done six days a week, and you need to stick to them.

It’s not the best bodybuilding program in the world to get the biggest muscles and strength increases, but it’s still a fully comprehensive fitness plan for losing weight, building lean muscle, and boosting performance.

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