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80 Day Obsession Review

Last updated: March 22, 2019

The 80 Day Obsession program, advertised as being the latest breakthrough from fitness and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese, aims to deliver a total body transformation to users through burning through fat, sculpting your core, lifting and rounding your butt, and shrinking your waist – all at the same time through a step-by-step method.

Beachbody says that the program requires users to stick to a demanding set of guidelines involving focuses on fitness and nutrition on an almost obsessive level. Say what?

First things first; your body is going to subjected to different workouts every day to avoid plateaus. These exercises are presented in the right order to help you reach the best results possible. On top of this, a solid timed nutrition plan delivers the right portions for you at the right time.

As a “Personal Super Trainer and Nutrition Advisor,” Autumn is there to provide advice, guidance, and motivation across the 80 Day Obsession to help you stay accountable to the system.

Do you think you have what it takes to get through the 80 Day Obsession workouts and strict diet? Even if you feel you commit, you’ll be wondering if it can get you into such great shape. We’ll start our 80 Day Obsession Review by looking at the finer details.

How Does it Work?


According to the nutrition manager at Beachbody – Paige Benté, M.S, R.D, C.S.S.D., the program is built on an ethos of obsession. That means there’s not much wiggle room to be found. It combines intense workouts with strict nutrition to achieve the best possible results.

Important note; While many websites advertise the program as being for anyone that wants the flattest possible abs and the firmest butt of their life, they do clarify that the program is best for people that already have an intermediate to advanced level of fitness.

They do emphasize that this program isn’t a quick-fix plan. Even though the workouts do come with modifiers, the intensity is never so low it could be considered on the beginner level.

The three-phase program involves a total of 80 workouts. Each workout is 30-60 minutes long, and focuses on a specific part of the body, including Cardio Flow, Cardio Core, Legs, Total Body Core, and Booty. The website for the workout shows that while each phase has different moves, some of them may be repeated. Even so, Autumn continues to change the patterns and sets to ensure you progress as much as possible.

While you can’t have cheat days, you do get a rest day each week. Each Sunday is the rest day, and those aren’t counted towards the 80 day total.

If you’re worried that you’re not up to the challenge, then Autumn offers the five-day introductory version of the program called A Little Obsessed. This program offers a good idea of what you can expect from the main program. We’ll look at that quickly before moving on to discuss the main 80 Day Obsession Review.

The Differences Between A Little Obsessed and 80 Day Obsession


A Little Obsessed has been available since 12/20/17, and it features five days’ worth of 30-minute (sometimes shorter) workouts that implement several moves featured in the main 80 Day Obsession. However, the introduction program focuses less on the whole-body and more on the abs and glutes.

You will also be using most of the same equipment as with the full program, including weights, resistance loops, strength slides, and a mat. You will get a complete five-day nutrition plan with the program, including the Beachbody portion-controlled containers, so you’ll have to pay for those too.

Lastly, access comes with the ability to watch the quick start tips and eating plan tip videos Autumn created, as well as a starter guide and the workout calendar.

How Does the Timed Nutrition Plan Work?


Beachbody explains the timed nutrition approach of 80 Day Obsession provides your body with all of the specific macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates, and protein) it needs, at the time they are required, to maximize fat burning and muscle building.

In this case, the program focuses on pre-workout meals to push you through the intense workouts of the program, as well as post-workout meals concentrate on rebuilding and restoring muscles. The website says that you will receive a detailed set of guidelines on how to schedule meals after signing up.

What Equipment is Needed

The 80 Day Obsession website says that the program involves weights of between 5 and 40 pounds, so you should get a selection of light, medium, and heavyweight options depending on your fitness levels.

On top of this, the program requires you to use the Beachbody Resistance Loops, Slides, and Portion-Controlled Containers with the eating plan. A comfortable mat and a foam roller, while not necessary, are also good to have.

How Much does it Cost?

Unlike other programs provided by Beachbody, which can be bought on DVD, 80 Day Obsession is only available through Beachbody on Demand in the United States, UK, and Canada. The price plans for B.O.D are listed below:

3-month plan: $39 (or $140 for the Shakeology Challenge Pack)
• 6-month plan; $59
• 12-month plan; $99 (or $160 for the Shakeology Challenge Pack)
Your membership to Beachbody on Demand gives you access to all of the Beachbody workouts, extra fitness guides and workout calendars, meals plans, recipes, access to fitness and nutrition experts, and a free personal coach.
All of the plans do renew automatically at the same price and applicable terms, while the Shakeology subscriptions involve receiving a monthly delivery of supplements.

New subscriptions to Beachbody on Demand are offered risk-free thanks to a 30-day guarantee. You can cancel your subscription through customer support at (800) 470-7870.


The Workouts

Let’s start out by saying this program is not for beginners. You will require a base level of fitness. If you don’t feel that you have that already, then check out our post on Preparing to Be Obsessed.

The 80 day obsession workouts is split into three phases:

Phase 1
Phase one is a getting-to-know-you phase. It begins with basic movements that help you understand the nature of the program, start to focus more on form, and become familiar with the loops and strength slides; two amazing fitness tools that I had never heard of before but which will now always be part of my fitness routines. They are just so convenient to pack, store, and use. I went from having 23.2% body fat down to 19.5% with just phase one. I had lost three pounds of fatty tissue and gained 3 pounds of lean muscle, which isn’t bad for four weeks.

Phase 2
This phase builds on the knowledge and confidence gained during the first phase and includes some compound movements. This is where you will start to push yourself properly. It involves more weight work, and the workouts get more challenging. If anything, you’ll want to push yourself to see what results you can get. During phase 2 I gained a further 3 pounds of lean muscle. I also reached the point I could do a push up without having to modify it and use my knees. I hadn’t set that as a fitness goal because I never believed I could do it, yet there I was doing a set of 15 tricep pushups with my toes.

Phase 3
Autumn kicks it up a notch in phase 3. She takes all of the most exciting compound movements that make workouts engaging, challenging, and fun while keeping your body guessing, and then threw in some plyo (jumping exercises). I’m not going to lie; I hate doing plyo. This time, the strength that I had built during the first two phases kicked in and I didn’t have nearly as much trouble with the plyo. I could hardly believe how much stronger my lungs and heart had gotten during the process. I didn’t even realize it until Autumn got me jumping. I think this would be the phase where I experienced the most change to not just my body, but also my confidence. I began to notice that the workouts didn’t scare me anymore. I knew that I could do them and that I would do them. I was more in tune with my body and knew when I could – and should – push myself or slow down a little. I finished the program with a further loss of five pounds of fat and a further gain of six pounds of muscle.

80 days does sound like a lot, but the workouts are going to fly by. Every day was different. If the exercises were the same, then the weights and rep scheme used for them changes. Your body is constantly guessing what’s going to happen next and you can’t get too comfortable. You’re never sure what is going to happen next or when you might get tired. It’s just like showing up to a personal trainer session that offers a new workout each day. I was never bored with the 80 Day Obsession workout.

The Nutrition Plan

Once again, I’m going to offer full disclosure and say I didn’t think I needed the nutrition plan. I’m a certified holistic health coach after all. I’ve studied hundreds of different nutritional theories, and I’ve tried most of them all for myself. I have – or at least thought I had – a great idea of what worked best for my body. Even so, there’s always going to be room to learn. It turns out that this plan simplified nutrition for me and it made me healthier than I’ve ever been before. You may feel somewhat overwhelmed the first time you check out the plan, particularly if you aren’t familiar with the container system used with other workout plans. Trust me when I say that those containers are going to make eating healthier much easier.

Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind:

Just trust the process. Exactly how it works may be different for you, but trust me when I say that it is going to work. You are going to be tempted to cut some corners. Maybe you want to eat less than the plan tells you to. You don’t want to do that! You have to keep your body fueled for the workouts. Don’t be their second-guessing things. Just do your calculations and then stick to the plan. The results will come in time and leave you feeling great.
2. The first two weeks of the program are the most difficult while you settle into things, but Autumn will tell you just what you need to eat and when to eat it, making things much easier.
3. Make a plan and stick to it. You don’t have to create an overly complicated plan, but you should have some plan. I would type out my meals as a note on my phone twice a week, get together my groceries, and then spend an hour preparing food so that it was ready in the fridge when I had to eat it. I’ve got two kids in school who play sports, I had my job to do, and I was in the process of moving. Even so, I managed to never miss a meal. It’s great what a little preparation can do!
4. Autumn is going to introduce you to the concepts of timed nutrition and “the workout block.” I can’t go into too much detail on them, but you should know you’ll never go hungry here. I felt more energized and fueled on my busy days and was rarely hungry, or felt my blood sugar dropped because I was giving my body everything it needed. People who have problems with constipation, slow digestion, and stomach aches after meals found clean meals and timed nutrition turned these issues around.
5. Clean eating is about more than just getting flattered abs. I’ve found my skin looks healthier and my brain is more focused. I feel more energy, and I’ve been sleeping much better. It’s become a way of life that I’m sure to continue.
Self-Care and the Importance of a Good Mindset
The 80 Day Obsession is much more than just a workout or nutrition program. It’s a major journey you undertake. It’s a journey where you learn what motivates you, where you learn about how strong you are mentally and physically, and where you discover that prioritizing your time and health around yourself isn’t nearly as selfish as you think. If anything, it makes you better at the other things you do in life. You need to set aside your fears, all of those doubts and stories that have held you back – and all of the excuses you have made – and leave them behind. Each day you are going to wake up and make a decision to choose who you want to be and what you want to do then and there.

I would underestimate myself when things started out. I found myself thinking that I could have pushed myself further, wondering why I held back. I was worried that I was failing, and I was failing in front of a crowd. As I was watching Autumn and her fellow cast members pushing themselves, as I challenged myself to doing just one more rep or two, as I was challenged to lift more weights, I realized two important things; 1. I was going to fail sometimes, but by trying something, I would get stronger and be more likely to succeed the second time. 2. I was often able to do more than I expected.

I started the program at what I felt was my weakest physical condition. I had a lot of self-doubt and fear going into things. I came out of the program feeling much more confident and motivated, not to mention stronger. I found a new purpose and focus, and a greater level of determination. Obsessing over my health like this for 80 days brought order to my days and refreshed my attitude. I took that focus and applied it to other aspects of my life. I found myself becoming more organized, motivated and driven by business. I took my new meal prepping skills and started to prepare meals for my kids. Now my kids are eating as clean and healthy like me. I’ve even found it easier to relax and unwind and make time for myself. The intense focus it takes to follow the 80 Day Obsession plan made me more focused in general.

Just keep in mind that there are going to be ups and downs to everything, including the 80 Day Obsession plan. You’re going to feel like the scale is moving up rather than down. There are days your workouts feel too challenging and that you need to use smaller weights instead. This is all part of the process. Your body will be going through a transformation. A plethora of factors will be affecting how you look and feel each day; from stress and hormones to food choices and sleep schedules. Just stick with it and trust in the process. As long as you don’t quit and you keep pushing yourself, you’ll see a transformation in your body and mind, and you’ll have the results you’re after.

If you’re hoping to stay out of your head during the process, then I recommend putting away your scale. The number on the scale doesn’t mean much if your goal is to be the healthiest you that you can be. I never weighed myself during the third phase. Here’s a fun fact; I was 109 at the start of the program and 112 when it was over. You might be worried and surprised that I gained weight. There was a time that I might have felt that way too. But that weight gain is due to an increase in muscle mass. Remember that I gained six pounds of muscle while losing five pounds of fat. Inches disappeared from my waist, my glutes were better, my legs and arms were more sculpted, and I dropped down from size 26 to size 24 in jeans. I’m honestly excited about having gained weight because it shows again in strength, confidence, and perspective. I started the program with one goal; I wanted to become the strongest and healthiest version of myself that I could be in 80 days. I was able to accomplish this and, amazingly, it was only the first 80 days of the program. The journey became a brand new lifestyle for me, and I’m not about to stop now.

What I love:

The flexibility of the nutrition plan. It’s more of a guideline, and I love that. It gives you some structure but lets you navigate your path using the foods that you love and make you happy.
• How long the workouts are. Yup, the longer workouts are some of my favorites. It all feels so right.
• The actual workouts. I’ve been working muscles I never knew existed
What I Don’t Love
The program isn’t the best for traveling with. The bands and sliders are portable by themselves, but it’s not ideal if you won’t always have access to some weights. I was able to do my workout while away thanks to unusual and unexpected help though. I once used dishwashing detergent as a weight for the workout. Luckily for me though, more often than not I would have access to a gym.
• How sore 80 Day Obsession left me feeling! Foam rolling and a lovely Epsom salt bath is the key to getting through the 80 days.
Final Thoughts
As is the case with other workout and fitness programs, whether the 80 Day Obsession would be right for you or not depends on your individual needs and preferences. As Beachbody themselves like to emphasize, this is one workout that is going to take a heavy commitment of both your time and energy. This includes dedicated meal prep and focusing on detail, as well as dedicating willpower to staying on track.

It is because of this commitment that it comes recommended for those with an intermediate or advanced fitness level.

Even should you sign on for the A Little Obsession five-day plan, you’ll need to invest in portion control containers and weights. Although we suspect you may have that kind of equipment anyway if you’ve reached the right level of fitness to complete the workout. There’s also the fact that the 80 Day Obsession could become a one-stop shopping experience if you’re trying to boost your chances of getting started on the right foot.

Finally, every Beachbody on Demand subscription comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. That should give you plenty of time to decide if the 80 Day Obsession workout is a good fit for you and your needs. Just keep in mind that you will have to pay return shipping on the equipment you purchase and return.

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