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Body Beast Review

Last updated: March 08, 2019

The Body Beast Workout offered by Beachbody was put together by champion bodybuilder and trainer Sagi Kalev. The workout has become popular with those who are serious about their commitment to building more muscle mass and sculpting a ripped body.

One thing that’s so good about the workout is that it is one of the first systems available that includes everything necessary for someone to take a comprehensive approach to reach their maximum muscle mass. You will get a step-by-step workout plan, a nutrition plan, and a guide to the supplements that offer the best results.

Beachbody have released several DVD workouts and one of the best-received from last year was the Body Beast workout. The workout is a strength-based regimen put together by trainer Sagi Kalev. Kalev has built his impressive resume as far as bodybuilding is concerned; including being a two-time “Mr. Israeli” as well as a fitness model appearing in magazines such as Ironman and Muscle and Fitness. How well can a mass-gaining workout translate to DVD though? Especially given the potential limits on equipment when working out and exercising at home? We’ve put together this Body Beast review to answer those questions and more to provide you with all the information you need to know if the workout is good for you or not.

Body Beast Author


Body Beast was created by Sagi Kalev as mentioned earlier. Sagi was born in Israel but moved to the United States in pursuit of his dreams. He is among the elite in the bodybuilding and fitness model worlds and won the coveted Mr. Israeli competition twice.

That sounds like an impressive resume, but Sagi is one of the first cringe-inducing things about this program. This is just my opinion, but I feel he uses good quality creatine and whey proteins. I’ve seen both ends of the trainer spectrum; naturals and those using supplements. I’ve seen all the little secrets of the business, and I consider myself well-versed in what you can achieve with and without using supplements.

It’s my opinion that Sagi has an insane amount of muscle mass and an incredible physique; the kind that could only be obtained by doing more than just eating and training properly.

This is something that all supplement industries do. They find someone with crazy symmetry and a massive amount of muscle, someone who is shredded to the absolute bone, and then have them advertise their products to suggest to people that they could achieve that same kind of body using the product.

Well, I don’t care if someone is using supplements or not, but I do care about this method of marketing. It suggests that someone can achieve a body that they really can’t, and I could never condone that kind of thing.

Program Breakdown


Sagi gets around the problem of equipment limitations with a unique system he calls “Dynamic Set Training.” This includes a range of sets (Single Sets, Giant Sets, Super Sets, Progressive Sets, Tempo Sets, Drop Sets, etc.) to build the muscles you’ve dreamed of having. The workout takes around 45 minutes each day, six days a week, for a total of 90 days. It promises to deliver around 10lbs. of extra muscle by the end of those 90 days.

Another important unique feature of this workout is the complex approach it takes to building muscle mass. Not only does it offer workout plans, but it also has complete meal plans that take your experience to the next level, as well as the supplements needed to feed and build muscles.

How Does Body it Work?

Body Beast is a unique new workout program offered by Beachbody that claims to use Dynamic Set Training, a breakthrough method combining traditional exercises with cutting-edge sports science and decades of secrets and experience from bodybuilders, to stress the muscles and offer high-intensity workouts without the need for heavyweights. The website for the program claims that anyone who can lift weights can follow the Body Beast training plan, which claims to use a proven combination of sets, reps, resistance, short recovery, and pre-fatiguing and fatiguing exercises.

With just some dumbbells and 30 minutes a day, six days a week, Body Beast claims to offer a step-by-step training program to lose weight, sculpt a narrower waist, a sleeker and more defined physique, contoured muscles, and an overall great looking body. The eating plan adds to this, offering custom meal plans, quick and simple power shakes, and other proven recipes; which promises to eliminate the guesswork of bulking up as it doesn’t require counting calories.

The Body Beast workout comes with a total of 2 Dynamic Set Training workouts spread across the three main “blocks” to help you reach your goals.

Block 1
This includes the Single Sets, Super Sets, and Giant Sets. They are designed to target the triceps, biceps, chest, back, legs, and shoulders. Block 1 is designed to build strength and definition.

• Block 2
This includes Multi, Combo, Progressive, and Force sets targeting the back, chest, biceps, triceps, legs, and shoulders. These help to define lean muscle.

• Block 3
This block involves rotating through the previous workouts to offer a “finishing touch” on the transformation, focusing on abs and cardio.

Beachbody Body Beast claims it takes just two things to achieve great results with the 90-day program;

Following the workout calendar of the program, which claims to take less than an hour each day, six days a week.
2. Follow the Body Beast no-guesswork, no-stress, no-starvation nutrition plan.
Despite all the benefits Body Beast program offers, it claims to work for every man and woman no matter their age and current fitness level.



There are three different packages of Body Beast available; the Base (which we recommend), Deluxe, and Ultimate kits. Each kit comes with 12 workouts across 7 DVDs, The Book of Beast (which includes the nutritional plans and supplement schedule), and the Body Beast training schedule (which specifies the phase and the workouts of each phase).

The Deluxe Kit includes the Hardcore Base Shake (this enrichment includes 18 grams of fast-and-slow-acting proteins and digestive enzymes that ease the processing of proteins; it is designed to improve muscle growth), Fuel Shot (this pre-workout drink provides the energy needed to boost performance), and a bonus “Tempo” DVD that includes two additional workouts.

The Ultimate Kit has everything included in the Deluxe Kit, along with M.A.X Creatine (a creatine supplement; creatine is one of the best supplements for building muscle) and Super Suma (the self-proclaimed “Brazilian Ginseng” which boosts testosterone production). Given that the Body Beast workout has such an emphasis on nutritional-rich efficient supplements, it’s recommended that you pick up either the Deluxe or Ultimate kit to make the most out of the system. Of course, you could also purchase these supplements separately, which may work out to be cheaper.

Modest and Easy to Follow Schedule

Body Beast offers a clear and upfront 90-day workout plan that helps to generate the best possible results. The system is divided into the three phases of Build, Bulk, and Beast.

The “Build” phase takes three weeks in all and is built around reaching you the correct moves. You’ll learn how to breathe and lift to minimize the potential for trauma properly. It includes four workouts that cover the chest/triceps, back/biceps, legs, and shoulders, as well as two cardio workouts. It’s also important to adjust your diet during this phase; proper caloric intake depends upon your weight and body fat percentage, and you should be eating around 25% proteins, 50% carbs, and 25% fat. The exercises last between 40-50 minutes and should be done six days a week.

The second phase is the “Bulk” phase that lasts six weeks. It includes five workouts that target the chest, back, legs, arms, and shoulders. This phase is all about heavy lifting. You’ll be working out for five days and resting or one day, with around 45 minutes of exercise each day. Since you’ll have transformed by this point, you’ll have to adjust your caloric intake to match, but that initial 25/50/25 ratio still stands.

The third and final “Beast” phase lasts three weeks. It combines the first two phases but with extra cardio (but not too much, as Body Beast is built around building muscle after all). At this stage, you will once again have to adjust your caloric intake to accommodate your changing body. You will also have to adjust the ratio of macronutrients with a heavier focus on proteins. Switch over to a 40/30/30 ratio.

To get the most out of all the workouts, you will require some extra equipment including some dumbbells, resistance bands, and a stability ball (a workout bench would be better). On top of this, you may wish to consider purchasing an E-Z curl bar and weights and a chin-up bar.


We give Body Beast a rating of 80/100. The fitness plan is focused on strength training for both men and women. It advertises that those who follow the program can go from being an Average Joe to being jacked, and from being Ho-Hum to being a hottie across 90 days. The workouts are all led by the prize bodybuilder Sagi Kalev. The Base Kit is built around twelve video workouts provided across four DVDs, and they can also be streamed online. Meal guides are also included with the DVD sets to give you the energy you need to exercise, and the power to recover from them faster.

Individual results can vary, but you can expect to lose a lot of weight, build a lot of muscle, and tighten your whole body by completing one workout each day, six days a week.

The best Body Beast results are seen by those who are relatively new to undertaking serious strength training. As you build muscle quickly you’ll also burn more fat than before – even while sleeping – because having more muscle boosts your resting metabolic rate. If you have already been working out for a year or so, it might not assist you in breaking through a plateau.

The Body Beast workout DVD Base Kit will set you back $50 including $9.95 for shipping and handling. Every purchase of the DVD comes with online streaming, allowing you to watch the videos through your computer, mobile device, or TV. Every Beachbody DVD set comes with a money-back guarantee.


Offers great results
The science says that by training for six days each week with the Body Beast videos beginners will see impressive results as far as losing weight and gaining strength goes. Keep in mind that the before-and-after pictures on the website could show the effects of people undertaking a few rounds of the program, rather than just doing 90 days.

A great introduction to weightlifting
While the “Body Beast” name may be intimidating, the reality is that the program offers a great introduction for strength training with free weights; you’ll be a “beast” at the end of the program, and don’t need to be one at the start.

Supports bulking up or learning goals
Many exercises, in particular women, are concerned that lifting weights will cause them to become too bulky. The Body Beast program explains how the different exercise videos and nutrition plan can be used to achieve the results you want.

Available on DVD and online
The Body Beast Kit is sold in the form of 12 DVDs. Each purchase of the DVDs also comes with online access, allowing you to stream the videos to your TV, computer, and mobile device. Another way to purchase the workout is through the Beachbody digital fitness program Beachbody on Demand. This service offers unlimited access to every Beachbody workout including Body Beast.

Free trial of Beachbody on Demand
Customers receive a 14-day free trial to the aforementioned Beachbody on Demand service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Body Beast DVDs can be returned within 30 days for a refund (minus shipping and handling) when bought directly through Beachbody. You can keep the two bonus workout DVDs which are led by Sagi Kalev.


The grunting
When you get a personal training video, you want to like the style of a personal trainer as much as the workout itself. Some Body Beast customer reviews mention that they dislike the way that Kalev grunts when doing lifts. Others don’t mind so much, and even consider the grunts to be amusing or exaggerated.

Barely any women
Unlike other Beachbody fitness videos, Body Beast is comprised of a mostly male cast. That could be discouraging for women who enjoy seeing female role models and demonstrators with their workouts.

Not for advanced users
If you’ve been training for some time now, you may think that Body Beast isn’t enough of a challenge for you. These exercises are fairly standard, so you might not learn much.

DVD problems
The main problem brought up with customer reviews is that sometimes the Body Beast DVDs don’t work properly. It is worth trying them all when you get them to ensure that they are working properly. You do have 90 days to return the DVDs and request either a refund or exchange.


Much like the diet in other Beach Body products, the diet is designed to build upon working out your BMR with the Harris-Benedict formula and increase caloric intake with a daily surplus of around 500. It’s a good structure to bulk up.

With that said, three months is much too short to build up muscle, and the Body Beast program takes you off of the surplus for the final month to get rid of any excess fat. This is something else I don’t fully understand.

This program is primarily a muscle building one and not a fat loss one, so it doesn’t make sense to shed excess fat for just one month.

People typically stay on the calorie surplus and build muscle for nine months at the least, or anywhere up to 4 years, yet here you do it for just two months. It makes no sense as to why they are doing what they are with Body Beast.

The Body Beast diet is basic enough, and you get meal plans to go with the personal calorie intake amounts. It’s nothing special, but it does give you a clear picture of what to eat and how much of it to eat.

Can Women use it?

As people start to learn more about the positive benefits of weightlifting, women are beginning to get into it. That’s always good to see. The most common myth around weight training with women has been the assumption that lifting weights makes you look bulky and “manly.”

That idea is utter nonsense.

I’ve found there’s nothing better than a woman that has lifted weights for a few years. It gives them the curvy and toned look everyone wants, men and women alike.

With that said, women can train using Body Beast or any other weight training program out there. In my opinion, though, I feel Body Beast emphasizes just a little too much on the upper body. I prefer seeing the lower body and core-dominant programs for women as most women prefer to build sculpted legs and a nice butt, and aren’t interested in packing too much mass to their upper body.


Body Beast works best with men and women that are relative newcomers to weight training. Beginners get great results from the strength training videos alone, and users report adding the dietary supplements – or other vitamins – with the program makes a noticeable difference. You can expect to lose some weight while boosting strength and firmness.

It might not be the greatest program out there if you’re looking to build muscle and are serious about redefining your body composition. The program is packed full of empty marketing promises and gives misguided, sometimes ineffective, training advice on building muscle.

With that said, Body Beast can get you good results, but it’s just not the ideal option for those looking to build muscle and strength.

Bottom Line:
Much like other Beachbody products, Body Beast offers the power to achieve the physique that you’ve always wanted to have. Just keep in mind that you are going to have to put in the work and follow the eating plan to make it happen.

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