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Cize Workout Weight Loss Program [2019 Verified Review]

Last updated: March 15, 2019

It’s been some time since the Cize workout first entered the spotlight. We originally decided not to review it, but then we got a lot of requests from readers. So here we are, taking a look at Cize at last.

Cize certainly gained a lot of notoriety in a very short amount of time. We felt that it deserved the kind of comprehensive review you would expect from fitness achievement.

We’ve gained something of a love-hate relationship with Beachbody after reviewing a number of their products in our time doing this. We gave some of them hearty thumbs up, and we found others that were so flawed we could never have recommended them. We’d like to think that our reviews are worth looking and reading through, even though they’re a little longer than what you might be used to.

Our review of Cize will be no different. By the time you finish reading through this review, you’ll be able to say with confidence if the program is worth your time, money, or energy.

I won’t let this drag on longer than it needs to though. Instead, I’ll now leave you in the capable hands of my fiancée who tried out Cize for a month. She put together the following comprehensive review that will tell you everything there is to know about the program.

What is Cize?

I think you would agree that there’s no point in introducing myself after being introduced. So let’s just get started with the Cize review…

It was a lot of fun to take part in this workout review. I’ll start with that. Spending four weeks doing the program each day, taking notes, analyzing the moves, taking my measurements and seeing how they compared…it was a nice distraction from having to read through stats and other boring literature while preparing a thesis.

Okay, let’s be as official as possible with this.

Cize is a Beachbody workout program that claims it puts an end to working out. It’s supposed to be something of a modern variation of Zumba, blending contemporary hip music with effective fitness movements to get you building up quite the sweat.

The description of the workout says that you’re in for four weeks of low impact beats that are simple to learn, along with around 20 pounds in weight loss and an overall better-looking body.

Should I take their word for that?

Why You Should Try the Workout

This Cize review has been put together to let me explain to you what makes Cize a good workout, along with the things about it that I think suck. Let’s get started:

There was one thing that became apparent about Cize pretty quickly while I was following it; there was barely any commitment at all. Unlike lots of other programs that are destined not to last, Cize kept me going on schedule effortlessly. Some other programs might feel like torture, but the Cize workout was something I was looking forward to doing.

Cize is a great mood booster, unlike other workouts that might get you down. If I was to describe it to someone that didn’t know a lot about it I certainly wouldn’t use the word “workout.” It’s more of a dance routine.
Calling it, a dance routine would still sell it short though. It’s even unlike dancing routines such as Hip Hop Abs and Zumba in that it’s more advanced. It’s like the next level of dancing workouts. It gets you moving much faster to burn more calories without any moves that don’t match up with the choreography.

Other dance routines can still feel too much like a workout. With some elements incorporated across those programs, you’ll still be doing jumping jacks (or something similar that no one wants to do). That’s not the case at all with Cize.

It’s surprisingly low impact. I never felt any pain in my joints or knees when I did it. That means that there’s no need to modify any of the moves, and you won’t feel that you’re missing out by not moving the same way as Shaun T.
Cize is a four-week program. This is something else that makes it so great. Other workouts such as Piyo – which takes two months – and P90X – which takes three months – and they are harder to stick to than this. It’s easier to maintain your attitude and motivation when you only have to do it for four weeks. Cize gives you two choices, two calendars you can follow. I’ll go into more detail about choosing between the calendars and how they both work later on.
Cize eases you into dancing. It’s strange to reflect on the past month like this, but when I hit play for the first time, I couldn’t get my feet to cooperate with me. Just watching the people moving on your screen gets you thinking that you could never move like they do and be as coordinated as they are, never mind doing it in less than four weeks. You’ll be coordinated and moving right in less than a week though. That’s something that makes Shaun T stand out as a great instructor. He makes dancing look so simple and easy, which means the Cize program is great for people that haven’t got any experience with dancing.
There’s no need to sign up to a gym or buy any equipment. That alone is enough to make me sign on the dotted line!
If you like showing off as much as I do and would like more dance tricks up your sleeve, then you’ll love this. You’ll have flashy moves for days by the time you’re done.
When people ask us if a program works or not, they fail to give us some important context. This also applies to the Cize workout. I’ve met lots of people who ask me if the exercise works, which leaves me asking “works with what?”

It’s true that Cize will do some things, but it can’t do everything. It can certainly help you lose weight if you stick to the schedule and do it when you’re supposed to. I managed to lose 12 pounds even though I was already pretty thin, and I did it in four weeks of having fun.

Cize works for toning the whole body, in particular, the thighs, calves, butt, and abs. My hamstrings are practically chiseled and look like I regularly hit the gym. The same is true of my abdomen. It’s never looked this flat or strong before.

The main thing is that Cize is great for burning calories. You can expect to lose between 400 and 700 calories with each workout.

Cize is also effective for improving agility, flexibility, and coordination. It can help improve the range of motion you have as well as your control over your body. I talked with people who know their stuff when it comes to fitness, and they told me that this is down to doing dynamic and non-dynamic movements in sequence while keeping to a rhythm. That’s also how you can keep going without getting too fatigued.

This is also why I get bored by running now. It’s just not enough anymore.

Tips to Get the Most out it

The reviews we post here at Lifestyle Updated are designed not just to provide an overlay of the workout, but also offer up some extra advice. It’s at this time that I’ll be stopping the review to offer some tips on how to get the most out of Cize.

The first thing to focus on when following Cize is mastering the moves while Shaun T practices them in slow motion. It’s not too tough when you’re getting started, but here’s another tip that makes it easier if you’re struggling; focus on the movements of your feet first. Learn the sequence of how to move your feet, which is super simple, and then focus on doing the entire movement. That should drastically reduce how long it takes to learn the moves.
Remember when I said that you could be burning up to 700 calories a session? Here’s how you can do just that, as explained by Slavko – who knows what they’re talking about….
Try to tighten your core, along with the rest of your body, as you make the moves. Flex your arms, rather than just moving them.

Pay attention to your range of motion. This means moving your arms and legs all the way from one point to another. Watch where the move starts and where it ends. Extend your limbs as much as you can and avoid making your movements shorter, no matter what tempo you’re moving at.

Add some dynamic motion as you progress through the moves. Start out by tightening, and then extend and retract completely, and finish by making it a dynamic movement. That’s essentially when you move faster to make movements look and feel more powerful.

Doing this adds some extra resistance, which leads to burning more calories, pushing your training efforts to the next level. This could easily see you burning upwards of 700 calories, if not more. That’s how much you could burn through a calisthenics workout or gym session. However, this is something you should only do after mastering the moves, or you may end up messing up your coordination.

Don’t get too nervous if it turns out you have two left feet. Remember that you are still working out and burning calories, even if you’re struggling to catch up and move your feet in time.
You’ll have mastered the moves by heart when the initial month is up, and you’ll not be relying on Shaun T anymore. That gives you a whole new world of choice to explore. The first thing you can do is skip out on taking the DVDs with you and dragging your laptop to your exercise area. It also means that – perhaps more importantly – you can put together your playlist or compilation of songs and dance to your heart’s content for half an hour. There’s no need to learn all of the moves each time, and that means that you’ll be burning more calories in less time. I occasionally put the DVDs on to make sure I’ve got the right form, but most of the time I’m just using one of my playlists and dancing the sequences from memory.



It ended up being more fun than expected to put this review together. I felt the same way about the Cize workout itself. The workout was uplifting, and I can’t begin to describe the positive effect it had on my mood.

The most important thing is that I’m satisfied with my results, what with losing 12 pounds and seeing a total transformation of my body. My abs are starting to show a little, and my stomach has never been this flat. I’m convinced that Cize could melt away anything given how it melted my love handles! Another thing I love is how much it tightened my legs, particularly my hamstrings and thighs. My arms and shoulders are also more defined than they were before.

I’ve continued dancing around twice a week, and it’s officially become how I chill out. It’s the best way that one can keep in shape in my opinion.

To “Cize” up my review, I’d like to say that I hope this review answered any questions you might have about Cize and had left you feeling more confident in your decision to either try or ignore the workout. I would have to say that I encourage you to try out the program for yourself and have a lot of fun burning calories and working out. It’s one workout that you look forward to doing. You want to do it, rather than feeling that you have to, and that makes a big difference.

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