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Country Heat Review

Last updated: March 27, 2019

Over one year ago I wrote a review for Lifestyle Updated, and now I’ve been asked to write another. My husband is more of an athletic guy, so it’s hardly a surprise he brought me in to review the dancing workout. When you guys start asking for a review of a program like this, I’m the one that has to get sweaty. Thanks, guys. I love you all.

Writing a review for Country Heat brought back some memories. I wrote a review for another dancing workout program from Beachbody called Cize, and so I know what to watch out for here.

Unlike others that decide to throw in the towel after following a program for just a month or two, I was going to see Country Heat right through to the end. The final preparations for launching a workout were coming up, and he needed me to pitch in when I could. I had just one shot to do Country Heat, and so here we are; I’ve completed the program and skipped out on only two daily workouts.

The following – if you’ll stick to reading it through to the end – is a complete and comprehensive Country Heat review. One thing to keep in mind is that I don’t know much about exercise, outside of being married to a fitness addict. So my review might sound somewhat silly.

Oh, and please stop asking me for bikini pics! I’m not going to do it!

What Is Country Heat?

If I was to say that Country Heat is a DVD collection, it sounds like some inappropriate movie. It doesn’t help that Google thinks I’m into light erotica after this. Thanks, Google.

Joking aside, the best way to Beachbody’s Country Heat is a 30-day country dance workout routine. While there are similar dancing workout programs that have you doing hip-hop to Mariah Carey, this one has a much narrower theme. You’ll be listening to so much country music you’ll be hearing it in your sleep as you perform country dancing music moves.

The Country Heat 30-day program is divided between 7 workouts that you play on specific days. It comes with a nutritional plan and the special portion control system included with most Beachbody programs. We’ll get into that later.

As a dance routine, it’s more of a low-impact workout. You can expect to be doing no demanding and strenuous moves or jumping moves that could hurt your ankles and knees.

To borrow a broken record from Beachbody; anyone can do this routine. They say that if you can walk you can do the Country Heat program, and they aren’t wrong.

While this workout program doesn’t look like it would be a total body workout that strengthens each muscle group, the marketing for the workout says that it is still effective for losing weight. We’ll see how good it is at that by looking at my own experience.

Who Created it?

Unlike the other two dance workouts from Beachbody – which are created by Shaun T – Country Heat was created by Autumn Calabrese. Autumn has also created the 21 Day Fix, which I believe is a big hit. As a coach, she says that she understands why people have trouble losing weight. One of the main reasons according to her – and it is one I agree with – is keeping to a routine long enough to get the results.

For lots of people out there, and this does include me, working out goes from being plain exercise to an exercise in frustration. It takes a lot of work to do push-ups, and most of us would rather abandon the routine.

Autumn understands that this is a big problem with working out and staying fit, even with her experience as a bikini model. The workouts are created with variety and simple progression in mind to keep them fun and engaging.

Can you Even Lose Weight with Line Dancing?

While your current weight is going to determine how many calories you will lose doing any activity, line dancing is considered to burn roughly 145 calories every 30 minutes for someone who weighs 200lbs. Compare that to the 330 calories for high-impact aerobics, 140 calories for bowling, 225 calories with baseball and softball, and the 180 calories for walking the same duration.

Other factors go into determine calorie burn outside of weight. That includes things such as your gender, how hard you push yourself in workouts, how many breaks you take, and how difficult the movements being performed are. It appears that Autumn has modified the traditional line-dancing moves to work with the program, meaning that you are likely going to burn much more than the average amount for line dancing.

With that said, what do we know about Autumn?

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

We mentioned earlier that Autumn created the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme programs, but what else do we know about Ms. Calabrese? According to her official bio on the website, she also frequently ranked in the top 10 in national-level bikini competitions, penned the cookbook FIXATE, and has worked for the website Modern Mom, owned and operated by Brooke Burke.

These days, Autumn runs a YouTube channel with over 160,000 subscribers, and being a mother has shown her the importance of being able to do short – and effective – workouts and simple nutrition advice.

Can it Reshape your Body?

The website for Country Heat says that the system can reshape your body. This including toning and tightening the legs, arms, and shoulders. This is done through the power of “cardio-centric” moves designed for beginners, as well as other low-impact exercises.

To put it simply, this means the exercises will increase your heart rate without putting much stress on the joints. There are positive benefits to doing this, but you shouldn’t expect to be in the best shape of your life when the 30 days are done.


Fun to Use
Country Heat is fun in a way that encourages you to exercise, even if you’re someone that tends to procrastinate when it comes to physical exercise.

For all Ages and Strengths
The program is meant for the general public. The workouts all have modifications so people with health problems can still enjoy them.

Low Impact
Country Heat may be a high-energy workout, but it is still easy on the knees, back, and other sore spots.

No Special Equipment Requirements
Much like line dancing and square dancing themselves, there’s no need for special workout equipment with this workout.

Available Online and on DVDs
When you buy the Country Heat DVD workouts, you also get online access to watch the videos included as a bonus. You can also watch these videos as part of your subscription to Beachbody on Demand. Beachbody members can stream these dance exercise videos, as well as hundreds of other workouts.

Online Support
Also included with every purchase of these dance exercise DVDs is complete 24/7 online support from the fitness professionals at Beachbody. Just contact customer support and coaches through online chat, email, or telephone.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
All Beachbody DVDs can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, and some have a longer refund period.

Free Trial for Beachbody on Demand
If you choose to stream the fitness videos, you will also receive a 14-day free trial to Beachbody on Demand.


Not the Best Workout for Strength Training
The Country Heat workout program comes with dance videos focused on bodyweight resistance, but it’s built more on cardio exercise and losing weight rather than strength training. If you’re looking for strength training exercises, then we’d have to recommend Beachbody on Demand. Not only do you get access to Country Heat, but you can also stream strength workouts and pilates classes such as P90X.

Country Heat Workouts
People are known to underestimate themed and regular workouts. When I talked to my friend and told them that I was doing Country Heat, she initially laughed at me. As a cross-fitter herself, dance routines no doubt seem outlandish to her.

But I went through the same thing when talking about Cize, even though I ended up losing a noticeable amount of weight.

Sticking to a structured program that increases your heart rate, and keeping a nutrition plan alongside it, proves to be enough for me. There’s no need to work harder if you are dedicated.

With that said, let’s look at the different workouts on offer.

First of all, you’ll see the different workouts take around 30 minutes each. The atmosphere for the workouts is great, natural charisma leaks from the screen and nothing seems too focused or highlighted. The moves look fun to try out, and the rhythm is good for those who enjoy country music.

Each move comes with a modification to make them easier, to allow you to ease your way into things gently. You won’t need any weights or extra equipment, and each move is broken down in detail.

Every sequence is high energy and low-impact.

You will learn two different moves, combine them, and then continue to another set. The pace is welcoming when starting and gets progressively more difficult as you go into later weeks. It’s never going to be too much though.

As you start to learn the more complex moves – though those are rare – you may think you’re falling behind. Don’t worry if that happens. The more you find yourself struggling, the more you are engaging your body. I burned as many calories making moves properly as I made the moves I had trouble performing. The learning process can be a workout in and of itself!

So don’t worry about getting things right. Just try to do your best.

Here are the workouts:

Country Swing
Unlike some other demanding routines, country swing is hardly a baptism of fire. It starts slow, builds up in pace, but never becomes too intense. Consider it a nice welcome to the program. Consisting of mostly cardio-based moves and lots of steps, this routine can be felt in the calves and hamstrings. It might not seem like much, but you’ll be sweating fast with these step circuits.

Down and Dirty
Once again we’re dealing with some awkward titles! I imagine most people reading this are going to be confused when they see my rant and not some saucy pictures. Blame Country Heat, not me.

Well anyway, the workout is much faster, and it burns far more calories than Country Swing. My watch said I’d lost around 400 calories, which was surprising. It wasn’t difficult to get through the workout, but I guess you can easily lose track of time when the workout you are doing is dynamic and diverse like this.

Giddy Up
Giddy Up is as demanding as Down and Dirty, which is to say it’s just as easy. Some moves can be more challenging than Country Swing, but you’ll quickly pick them up. This is another dynamic and engaging workout.

Bring the Heat
This involves a lot of lower-body workouts that are going to engage your quads. The moves all seem easy enough, but you’ll quickly be feeling the burn. I enjoyed this workout in particular, especially because of the music.

Dance Conditioning
Dance Conditioning is one of the more complete workouts. It focuses on toning muscles. There’s less cardio, but that doesn’t translate to having to put in less effort. It’s another one that looks easy but is going to get those muscles burning. This is where you’ll start seeing an increase in muscle definition as well as weight loss.

Night Crawl Line
With music created specifically for Country Heat, this workout follows Autumn’s choreography. It’s nothing too fancy though. A cool workout to be sure, but I was expecting a little more.

The Calendar

The Country Heat Calendar is nothing to get excited about. It’s just a printed calendar that lets you visualize the journey. Put it up on your wall or stick it to the side of the fridge. This calendar is there to keep you accountable and show you what to expect next. Some people check off their progress with a marker, but I prefer keeping the calendar clean myself.

Nutrition Plan

While other programs are going to tell you what you can and can’t eat, Country Heat tells you how much you can eat. The program is shipped with seven different plastic, color-coded containers. This helps you manage portion control for weight loss.

The “diet” goes back to Autumn’s time as a fitness and bikini model. She worked out how to keep track of meals, with each container used for different kinds of foods. One is for fats; another is for proteins, and so on.

The program will tell you how much food you can put in the containers based on a formula. From there, you can eat whatever is in the box. It’s a simple approach that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

However, for people like me, diligently keeping track of food like that is going to be a chore. I did the best I could try to replicate the system while eating out of the box.

The portion-control containers idea is taken from her other program the 21 Day Fix. Given how that program has become super popular, I’d say they got enough positive feedback about the system to include it here with Country Heat.

Who Should Use it?

Dancing routine workouts tend to go well when paired up with women. Not to be sexist, but I’d think it would be weird to see my husband getting his sweat on to country music, making step moves, and shaking his hips.

While Country Heat does seem to be geared towards women, the demographic group does stretch pretty wide.

Country Heat is a workout program for:

People who are overweight and want to lose a lot of weight without having to do intense exercise along the way
People who drop habits as fast as they pick them up
People who aren’t able to perform high-impact workouts
People who enjoy having fun while losing weight
People who forgot what being physically active feels like
People who fight as hard as possible to avoid having to work out
I hate to sound like a broken record, again, but I mean it when I say that Country Heat is for everyone.

Keep in mind that how much weight you lose can depend upon how much work you are willing to put into it. You can stand to lose between 2 and 20 pounds with this workout. Just remember that you want to push hard in the workouts, stick to the nutrition plan as much as possible, and get plenty of rest.

Country Heat is about more than just building your body; it’s about building healthy habits. That way, any transformation will last longer, and you can use Country Heat as a tool to get back in shape or get into better shape by repeating the program.

Also, in case you haven’t guessed by now, you’ll be listening to country music for 30 days straight. You’ll be “Y’all” ing and “yee-haw” in before you know it.

What you get in the Package

You’ll get a lot of country dancing without the hangovers. So you can sign me right up for that! Okay, let’s get serious and look at what you get in the Country Heat package;

3 DVDs with six workouts
A bonus workout
A large 30-day calendar
A quick-start guide that walks you through the whole program
Eating plan packed with simple recipes
Seven plastic food containers
One shaker cup for Shakeology drinks and other supplements – though I’d have to recommend against spending your money like that. Just buy some healthy groceries.
24/7 online support
The package also comes with a complete 30-day 100% money-back guarantee minus shipping.

If I’m honest, the program seems relatively cheap when you consider everything you get. The program will set you back two monthly payments of $19.95, plus $9.95 for shipping and handling. It’s almost surprising that Beachbody put together such a good program complete with bonus gifts for just $50 including shipping.

Where to Purchase it?

*Update* – as of recently, every Beachbody workout is sold through their Beachbody on Demand subscription model. I’d have to recommend checking out the official Beachbody on Demand website for yourself.

Beachbody on Demand does cost $99 for a yearly subscription, but keep in mind you get complete access to every program Beachbody has released. That includes all of the most popular programs, including P90X and Insanity. Want more? You’ll also get unlimited access to every future Beachbody release!

Every subscription to Beachbody on Demand also comes with a complete 30-day money back guarantee. Get Country Heat – along with every other Beachbody workout – for just $99 with Beachbody on Demand.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always been skinny anyway and – what with preparing for my husband releasing his workout for two months before trying Country Heat – I’d already lost 7 pounds before I got started. I managed to lose a further three pounds with Country Heat, and I feel more agile and confident.

To my credit, I did invest myself in the program a lot. I only missed out on two workouts thanks to my hectic schedule, but this is within the margin that most people are likely to fall into.

Dance workouts have always been better than other workout methods to me. I’ve not tried many other more traditional workouts to be honest, so of course, my opinion is likely to be somewhat limited.

Still, why switch out a winning team? I feel that this works. While I am about to begin promoting my husband’s workout, dance routines will always be something I swear by.

I do urge you to use your current fitness level as an indicator of the success you can expect with Country Heat. Just work as hard as you can, follow modifiers when you have to, and that’s all you have to do to succeed with the program.

I hope that by reading this Country Heat review, you’ve gained a better understanding of what the workout is all about.

I’d have to recommend it to anyone that is considering beginning a workout program.

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