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The Ultimate Insanity Workout Review. Is the Pain Worth It?

Last updated: March 07, 2019

The Insanity Workout caused quite a stir in the world of fitness. It doesn’t matter if you’re after some extra muscle, want to shed some unwanted weight, or just want to improve your fitness levels, the Insanity workout claims it can give you the best possible results.

When I heard about this workout and its promises, I was tempted to try and ensured that the exercise was completed having worked some programs in the past that happened to be a complete waste of money and time. After two months, I am happy to tell you everything you need know about this program in this insanity workout review. In other words, this is the place where you can have the details about the ultimate insanity workout.

I got tempted by those promises and decided I should try the workout for myself. It’s been two months, and now I’m ready to tell you everything you need to know with my Insanity workout review.

If you want to know all the finer details about the Insanity workout, then you’re right where you need to be.

As you read through this review, you’ll notice I don’t show any bias towards or against the Insanity workout. I merely present the facts as they are. Considering all the time, money, and effort it takes to transform your body with the Insanity workout from Shawn T, you should understand everything about it before making those investments and following the diet and exercise plan.

The Objective of The Workout

If you have had the chance to watch Shawn T. talking about the objective of this amazing program, you will realize that the purpose is to help you have the shape that you have always wanted and to ensure that your overall level of fitness is increased to the point of competing successfully with the top athletes.

You can achieve all this without leaving the comfort of your house in 60 days, and I was hooked with this from the beginning. Spending more than hundred dollars to purchase this DVD workout set may look silly at the moment, but I hope you can make that decision after this insanity workout review has been gone through.

The insight into the results you were looking for:
As unbelievable as this program is, it will only produce the expected result if the diet plan as detailed in this insanity workout review are followed accordingly. Alternatively, your own choice of healthy foods can be made as well as refined eating schedule.

The exercises therein need to be followed on a daily basis, and you will have to offer your best in the course of it, and while the exercise is ongoing, don’t even think of pushing pause bottom like other people around me.

You have to offer your best. This is the reason why it is not for everybody, according to Shawn T.
• You must be dedicated and inspired.
• You need to be well prepared because it is not going to be easy.
Get ready for the toughest workout of your life ever. I still make an effort to not recall that often regarding the real Insanity workouts, because I recollect ambling on the ground occasionally, short of breath, gasping for air, when experience pain all around my system. You can say I was rooting deep, as Shawn T loves to tell.

The Results Most People Can Expect

Reduction in Body Fat
You’ll be able to see your muscles taking shape before they get bigger. That’s because the fat on your body is being burned away. You’re going to sweat like never before. This is one of their guarantees, and I can vouch for that one at least.

Given that I’m here to tell you the truth with my Insanity workout review, I’ll be upfront here. You’re going to spend so much energy burning through that fat that you’ll comprehend what Shawn means when he calls it the Insanity Workout. The good news is that the efforts will pay off as the workout can decrease your body fat levels to as low as 7%. The average professional athlete has an 8% body fat percentage. Just so you know.

If you’re still wondering if it is possible or not to get those results, you’ll be able to tell after doing the fit test on the first day – a routine designed to gauge your current fitness and strength levels while also providing an intense workout. You could bet everyone you meet that they wouldn’t even be able to do the fit test and, more often than not, you would win that bet.

Muscle Definition Rather than Muscle Mass
Don’t take that the wrong way. You can count on the Insanity Workout to add some muscle mass as well, but I would have to say it adds more definition than mass.

Eating the combination of 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat is going to help you gain a lot of muscle, but considering how long the routine lasts for – as well as the main purpose of losing weight – it’s fair to say that you won’t notice a rapid growth in muscle mass. Rather, you’ll notice that your muscles become more defined. With the fat gone from your body, your muscles will be sculpted and give you that ripped athletic look you want.

If I was to choose just one muscle group where you will notice getting bigger and tighter, I’d have to say the chest. You’ll also see major differences in your thighs as the quadriceps will grow immensely, eliminating all that fat from your thigh. This should make your legs look longer and much leaner. Keep in mind this all comes at a price though. The Insanity Workout has to break you before it can build you back up – and it’s going to break you.

Who is the program designed for?

This is one of the most critical aspects of this insanity workout review; that is, this workout is not for everybody.

First and foremost, your heart must be healthy.
You will not be told this, but it is advisable that if you want to feel comfortable purchasing this insanity workout, it is better for a cardio test to be made. Even healthy people find this workout extremely intense, not to talk about people that have issues with their hearts.

Ability to perform some basic exercises is required.
Before you can start the insanity exercise, you must make sure that you get yourself in shape first and foremost. At least, you must be able to run for nothing less than a mile, make crunches and ten pushups. If you are not that fit before, you can do that for a week or two.

This workout is not for you if you are experiencing pains in the joints.
You cannot benefit from this program if you are not feeling well and healthy. Thus, you need to check whether you can endure this workout or not.

Better not think about this program if you not allowed by your lifestyle.
Nobody will tell you to quit this program before you deem it fit to quit if you don’t have enough sleep or if you spend most of your time partying. Also, you need to carefully think about it if you have responsibilities of taking care kids.

This program is all about dedication.
You will save a lot of money together with valuable time for not bothering yourself if you are the type that give excuses all the time. In other words, this insanity workout is not for you if all you know is to complain.
After reading this, you can try another workout if you believe the insanity workout is not appropriate for your level of fitness. Insanity max from Beachbody which require 30 workouts and only 30 minutes on a daily basis can be tried out. On the other hand, if you find it too intense, some of the most accessible programs including Core de force review or Pyo review can also be checked out.

Cize exercise from Shaun T can also be checked if dance workout is what interest you the most, and more about Cize can be known in our Cize review.

Why Choose the It?

The simple reason for choosing the Insanity workout is because it simply works. It works well. As long as you’re looking for some extra muscle definition and gain, with a massive drop in body fat percentage.

There were some other reasons that I chose the Insanity workout, which I’ll be looking at in closer detail during this review of the workout.

It takes the shortest amount of time compared to sports and workouts
I would never consider myself to be a gym rat, and this was a fantastic solution for me. You can do all the workouts from home, and it couldn’t be more convenient than this.
• It offers results in looks, fitness, and endurance
There will be times when you forgot about the way you look when working out, pushing yourself as far as possible to prove – if only to yourself – that you can do it.
• You compete against yourself
When I came close to quitting the workout and just giving up, I found myself continuing because I was aiming to beat what I could do yesterday and prove to myself that I could.
• There’s a great team behind it
You’re going to love every single person behind the workout, as they are going to be your team. There’s such great chemistry to the videos that you’ll find yourself answering the questions that the trainers such as Shawn T ask.
• You’ll laugh when remembering a time you thought it was easy
You’re going to face the simple biggest physical challenge you’ve ever had. I’m not sure about you guys, but I started loving the workout when I realized – not even halfway through – just how far this was going to push me.
I have a friend who tried to talk bad about the workout, suggesting that it was about as difficult as ballet because it was nothing but yoga, Pilates, and aerobics. So, I challenged them to try the workout for themselves. As something of a gym rat themselves, they thought it would be all too easy. They couldn’t have been more wrong. It was at this point I realized – and was amazed by – what had happened to my body and fitness levels.

Shawn T himself says that the Insanity workout was designed to take your heart rate as high as possible, keep it there, and slow it back down by resting for 30 seconds. That’s the reason the exercises take so long, and you get such a short break.

You’re going to live for those 30 seconds though, just like I did. The seconds before the break seem to stretch forever, and that 30 seconds won’t feel like enough. That lets you know just how intense these workouts are.

The exercises were also designed for strengthening muscles through using your body weight. They are diverse and versatile enough to work every inch of your body from top to bottom.

The Nature of Insanity Workout Exercises
As you are no doubt aware by now, the Insanity Workout uses nothing but your body weight when exercising. That means that your body will give you all the weight and resistance you need, with no other equipment necessary (outside of a towel and something to put on the floor to soak up all the sweat).

The exercises are built around cardio towards the start of the videos, shifting gradually to being more strength oriented. Given that you’re going to be exhausted by that point though, even the strength exercises are enough to get your heart rate up.

Only a few of the exercises require you to get down on the floor, so you can expect to be stood up a lot while workout out. There’s some jumping in there too, meaning that you feel some pressure on your joints when starting out.

The workouts do involve some yoga poses and general stretching, which is going to leave you surprisingly flexible. I can’t believe how stiff I could get before doing the exercises. Given that I wanted to be in shape, I can say this helped with that.

The exercises in the Insanity workout are almost all compound exercises. They are designed to focus on multiple muscle groups at once. That gets you losing weight faster and boosts adrenaline levels.

This also means that you’re working for several muscle groups at once, which gets more testosterone pumping through your system. This can help a lot when trying to get through the workout, as otherwise, you would be utterly exhausted.

The nature of the compound exercises means that you are also generating plenty of endorphin. This means that you don’t feel as much pain during a workout and are more relaxed when everything is said and done.

Now comes the downer – unless you stick to the diet plan or otherwise take great care of yourself, you’ll be drained of energy. The good news is that if you try to live a healthy lifestyle and take better care of yourself, then you could find yourself with extra energy to spare.

You’re going to become more agile, tough, and determined with the workout. Another great plus is that you’re going to improve your posture thanks to the yoga poses – as well as an increase in overall self-confidence.

I guess what I like most about this is that I can do any physical activity I want after completing the insanity workout.

How Quickly can you Expect Results From the Insanity Workout?
Now we’re at the interesting stuff that everyone wants to know when reading reviews of the Insanity workout. Given that everyone is different, it’s impossible to say for sure. However, you can usually see results by the end of the first week.

Yep, it could be that quick.

Sometime by the end of the month you may feel that the improvement has stopped, but you’d be wrong. The results keep coming through until the end of the workout, and they can last even after you stop following the program.

There are almost no Insanity workout reviews out there that point out the fact you can see results even when the 60 days are done. The reason is simple science; muscles get some rest, which allows them to grow and gives you bigger and better results. Given that almost all Insanity workout exercises are compound, you’ll start to see results with your muscles tightening. This is the first work.

Your abdomen will look flatter and your shoulders and biceps will get more definition. You’ll soon notice that your thighs get leaner. Maybe you’ll even get into those old pairs of pants you thought you’d never get to enjoy again.

What Most Insanity Workout Reviews Won’t Tell You

Many Insanity workout reviews fail to tell you that you’ll continue seeing results after the initial 60-day Insanity workout program
• They also forget to mention that it is important to stick to the diet plan
Another thing that irks me about Insanity workout reviews is that they fail to tell you that the program evolves and changes. You are going to learn a new approach to the program every day, which will lead to different results. An example of this is ensuring that the area you do the workout is well ventilated so that you don’t pass out. That’s something I learned the hard way after almost passing out.
That’s why I’m going to share a few times on making the Insanity more effective and pleasant as the review goes on.

The Workout Schedule

You’re likely wondering about the schedule for the Insanity workout, and how many rest days you get to take things easy; assuming such things exist.

Well, here’s the thing;

There’s a fit test at the start of the week that tests your initial fitness levels, how “ready” you are for the Insanity workout. That test is going to break you down and leave you feeling exhausted. Enjoy that, because there won’t be another rest period for another two weeks. This test is done once every two weeks, each Monday, to give you the chance to track your progress.

Every other day in the week – except for Sundays – is dedicated to working out. Each day becomes harder than the last. Part of that is because you don’t have any time to rest.

There is a cardio recovery day on Thursdays though, where Shawn T takes it a little easy on you. Rather than doing the intense cardio workouts, you’ll be stretching and doing more balance exercises. It’s still tough though, as you’ll still be doing more strength exercises. They’ll be done so slowly that the closest the workout ever gets to recovery is the title of the workout itself.

I still believe that the first month of the workout is easier though. The workouts aren’t too long, averaging around 35-40 minutes.

The tough schedule of the Insanity workout is created to prepare you for the second month of the workout. Even so, the second month will be where you start to feel that you can’t keep it up anymore. The exercises get longer – lasting up to an hour – and they get more complex. That’s why we recommend eating more food than usual to keep your energy up.

One of the hardest things for me to do was when I had to do two different workouts in one day, particularly during that second month when a single workout could be an hour long. Those days will definitely be among the days where you’ve worked as hard as physically possible.

The science Behind the Insanity Workout Diet Plan
I will keep things clear by saying that you should stick to the diet plan as much as possible. If you are having trouble with that though, then you can still make your plans as long as it is built around the basics of the Insanity workout diet plan.

Behind the Diet Plan?

It means that you have to maintain the same ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats from the diet as it is built around doing this level of activity. It is tailor-made for the results that you’re hoping to achieve.

There, it is fine to change the Insanity workout diet plan to make it your own.

The diet plan has been put together in such a way that you will get lots of calories during the day, so don’t worry about going hungry. It won’t happen. Well, it won’t happen as long as you stick to the proper ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats.

The 40% ratio of proteins is intended to give your muscles the fuel they need to grow and repair, something that will constantly be happening across the 60-day schedule.

The 40% carbs ratio is designed to keep your energy levels up. You’re going to need plenty of energy to get through the workout, and you need even more to do anything else in the day you have to do.

The ratio of 20% fats is there to ensure you get extra energy and your bodily processes are working normally. However, we’re referring to healthy fats here. Even if you do want to change the diet plan and make it your own, you should be sure that you are still eating foods from the original diet plan.

By now you no doubt know that you have to give up junk food. It’s only going to hold you back and hinder your fat loss and muscle gains.

Comparing the Workout to P90X

If you’ve checked out the internet before coming here, you’ll know a lot of people like to compare the Insanity workout with the P90X workout, its main competitor. I use the word “competitor” because these are two products with similar goals, both made by the same company.

The truth is that the two workouts are so different there’s no reason to compare them. I’ve seen friends try out the P90X and, after talking to them, I saw that they got very different results from the other program.

The P90X workout is designed to boost muscle growth as you lift weights and use equipment to work out. It’s more bulk oriented.

The Insanity workout leaves you fitter, more flexible, and gives you great muscle definition and muscle growth. The main thing to remember is that the Insanity workout is designed to make you lose more fat tissue than you ever expected you could.

I burned through the stubborn fat on my thighs, which is more than I got from other workouts.

Is the Workout Harder than the P90X Workout?

People attempt to compare the workouts to decide which one is harder. If someone tries to tell you the P90X workout is more demanding, ask them, and you’ll quickly realize they’ve never even tried the Insanity workout.

You could do the P90X, manage to get through it, but still have trouble completing the Insanity workout. That’s just how difficult this workout is. The Insanity workout tests you and lets you decide on your limits. For example, it gives a minute to do all the exercises that you can. How far you push yourself and how much you get done is up to you.

The Beachbody Insanity Workout Community

Anyone that tries this workout will instantly become part of a larger community. I always feel that I’ve got loads to talk about when I meet others that are doing the Insanity workout, or someone that – as Shawn T puts it – graduated from the Insanity workout.

I also try to convince others to try out the exercise for themselves or just read through the Insanity workout review. I offer them tips and advice to help them too. The reality is everyone who tries the Insanity workout will consider you in a different light when they find out that you’re doing it too, or are even just considering it.

It’s like joining a brotherhood. That sounds somewhat silly, but you’ll soon see it for yourself too.

Another great thing is that when you manage to finish the Insanity workout program, you’ll be able to send in all of your before and after pictures, as well as pictures of the exercise, sets you did, in order to receive a free T-shirt with the Insanity workout logo on the front and the words “I earned it” on the back. After all, you will have really earned it.

This T-shirt has become something of a badge of honor in the fitness world. One that only a select few can earn.

Another recent development is that you’ll be able to stream the Insanity workout through the Beachbody on Demand streaming service. This service allows you to stream any workout you want at any time, anywhere you are. Find out more about Beachbody on Demand through our review of the service.

Tips for Getting Through the Insanity Workout Easier (If Such a Thing is Possible)
As promised earlier on in the review, here are a few tips that I believe will make it much easier for you to get through the Insanity workout;

Start out with average intensity physical preparation before beginning the Insanity workout itself. Don’t forget about stretching, as you’re going to be doing a lot of yoga poses. It’s best to improve your flexibility before starting.
• Always make minor preparations before starting the workouts. The exercises will push your cardio levels all the way up to the max within a few minutes of getting started.
• Wear sneakers. You don’t want to start the workout without them. Sneakers help you feel more agile and better protect your joints.
• Cover the floor with something as you are going to be sweating like never before.
• Ensure that the area you are working out in is well ventilated. Working out without enough oxygen or in a hot temperature could have serious ramifications on your health and will leave you feeling like you might pass out.
• Keep a bottle of water nearby, as you’re going to have to stay hydrated throughout the exercises. However, only drink a small amount during each break so that you can continue pushing through the exercises.
• Always keep a towel handy
• You must never, ever, eat something before doing the Insanity workout. You’ll almost definitely throw up. It even happened to me, almost.
• Never pause a workout while performing it. The exercises aren’t intended to be done like that. Take a rest if you have to, but always keep the video going.
• Keep a close eye on your heart rate. Don’t be afraid to stop if you feel some discomfort in your chest.
• Don’t plan on doing anything within half an hour of your workout as your body is going to be so hot. You’ll have trouble cooling down, even if you have a shower. Ensure that you rest your body for half an hour at the very least before doing anything else.
• Stick to the diet plan and be sure to get enough sleep as you are going to need it.
Pushing Through the Final Week of the Insanity Workout
If you do everything right, you should be able to push your way through the final week of the workout. With that said, I do have some extra tips to help out:
• Find someone else that is doing the Insanity workout with you, and try to keep each other motivated
• Remind yourself why you’re even doing the workout
• Think about getting to wear that Insanity workout T-shirt – you’re only a week away from it!
• You may be tempted to skip some exercises during the last week of the program. I recommend reading through the review again to remind yourself what you’ve already gone through and be sure to keep pushing through.

Where to Purchase the Insanity Workout?

There are two main ways to purchase the Insanity workout;

The first is buying it separately through the Beachbody website
2. The other is to watch it through Beachbody on Demand. Every Beachbody workout is also sold through the Beachbody on Demand subscription model. That means that you can get the workout through the official website of Beachbody on Demand. This is objectively the better choice.
The cost of Beachbody on Demand is $99 for a full year, but don’t forget that you get full unlimited access to all of the latest and greatest programs. All of the most popular programs – including P90X and Insanity – as well as every future Beachbody release, is on the platform.
A subscription to Beachbody on Demand also comes with a complete 30-day money back guarantee. Try the platform out and, if you don’t enjoy it, get a refund.

 Final Thoughts

We’re reaching the end of the Insanity Workout review and so I hope you’ve been able to decide if the workout is good for you or not. I hope that our review helped you more than some of the other reviews out there too.

You should be sure to read through some of the comments below. There’s plenty of them, but they will give you an even clearer look at if the workout is right for you. I do personally recommend trying the workout myself. That’s because I know it works, and I had a lot of fun following it. I occasionally think about doing it again.

You don’t need to take my word for it though. There are hundreds of comments from others that offer their own opinions. Read through what they have to say and then come to your own conclusion.

There’s just one thing I can guarantee anyone doing the Insanity workout; when you’re done you’ll be able to do any physical activity you want and you’ll lose a lot of body fat while building and defining muscles. At the end of the day, it’s your choice if you want to do the workout or not; whether you want to see the person looking back at you from the mirror become fitter and healthier as the days pass.

If you’ve still got any questions about the Insanity workout after reading through our review, then keep an eye out for our article on the 28 Frequently Asked Questions About the Insanity Workout. If you’re after something that is more affordable and easier to customize, then take a look at our own personal fitness workout program.

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