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Shakeology Review

Pros, Cons and Verdict. Does it Really Work?

If you’re looking for a great meal replacement that has healthy ingredients and offers extra benefits to your overall health and wellbeing, then you’ve likely found yourself looking at Shakeology by Beachbody.

I’m a fitness junkie myself and, after reading some Shakeology reviews, felt that it was time to buy the meal replacement for myself and try it out to see how it was. I understand being wary of something that claims it can give you lots of great benefits. If you are wary, then you should keep reading, because my Shakeology review should cover all there is to know about the product and everything I learned as I used it. You’ll soon see that I have a knack for details, but I always go in-depth when it comes to describing and reviewing the products I’ve used.

I’ll try my best to make the review as unbiased as possible. I hate it when people write reviews using lots of flowery languages to shill a product. It’s practically vomit-inducing, which is what could be said for some of those products!
How I Discovered Shakeology
I am a fitness junkie that enjoys finding and trying new fitness routines. I was looking, for something new when I stumbled on the Insanity Workout workout program. The Insanity Workout proved to be the most intense physical activity I’d ever undertaken, and I found myself struggling to muster up the energy to finish the workout.

After several months I decided it was time to try doing it again (self-confessed fitness nerd). This time though I had an idea of what I was about to do and so this time I made another decision; I would find something that could give me an energy boost so I could do it. I already knew about Shakeology before this, but I was skeptical of it. Nevertheless, I decided it was worth a go.


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My main concern with Shakeology was whether or not it could deliver on the promises it made surrounding energy. I was also unsure what impact – if any – it would make on my health. There was also the concern that I found myself craving food all the time. The idea of replacing a meal with a liquid – even something that purported to be a meal replacement – sounded dumb to me.

Reading through Shakeology reviews was a great way to get some extra perspective on what the meal replacement can offer. It does make quite a few promises after all, which is why I was so skeptical about it.

On a related note, our team recently published a great new workout program that you can customize your abilities. It’s free to try and much cheaper than anything you’ll find with Beachbody and Beachbody On Demand. It can also be combined with the Shakeology meal replacement.

My main concern with Shakeology was whether or not it could deliver on the promises it made surrounding energy. I was also unsure what impact – if any – it would make on my health. There was also the concern that I found myself craving food all the time. The idea of replacing a meal with a liquid – even something that purported to be a meal replacement – sounded dumb to me.

Reading through Shakeology reviews was a great way to get some extra perspective on what the meal replacement can offer. It does make quite a few promises after all, which is why I was so skeptical about it.

On a related note, our team recently published a great new workout program that you can customize your abilities. It’s free to try and much cheaper than anything you’ll find with Beachbody and Beachbody On Demand. It can also be combined with the Shakeology meal replacement.

What Does it Offer?

If you want some magic formula that can do all the work for you and help you lose weight and be healthy, then you’ve come to the wrong place. You might be wondering if this is a kind of steroid-like supplement too, and the answer for that one is a resounding NO. Shakeology is, much like it’s claimed to be, a meal replacement filled with natural, healthy nutrients.



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Meal Replacement

Taking a look at the nutritional value of Shakeology shows you that the product is indeed designed as a meal replacement. That is the very description of Shakeology after all; it replaces a meal. With that said, it offers much more than just the equivalent of a meal as far as nutrition goes.

You save plenty of time compared to preparing, cooking, and eating a conventional meal. This is great for people like me who feel that nutrition is more important than entertainment.

Detox and Better Nutrient Absorption

Shakeology claims it has a detoxing effect on the body and promotes better nutrient absorption. As far as detoxing is concerned, it will be noticeable after a while that you feel refreshed, more alert, and feel better overall. I had people telling me that I was practically glowing. This was interesting to hear given that I don’t handle compliments all that well…

As for better nutrient absorption, it’s logical to conclude this as Shakeology offers nothing but nutrients. It has everything that your body needs to run properly and nothing else. This is partly the reason for the increased energy levels because not only are you using the nutrients packed into Shakeology more, but your body learns how to use more nutrients obtained through your other meals.

Weight Loss

An interesting aspect of Shakeology is that it helps promote weight loss. The reason for this is a simple matter of math. It replaces a meal where you’ll be taking in a lot of stuff that your body doesn’t need and a lot of unnecessary calories. This meal replacement gives your body only what it needs. It makes sense that you would lose weight if you do the math.

Another reason that Shakeology helps users to lose weight is that it fights food cravings. I took my daily dose before writing this review, and I have to say that I feel pretty full. Shakeology leaves you feeling full for the majority of the day. This is either because it can indeed eliminate food cravings, or because you are training your body to expect – and need – less food in general.

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What you get regarding energy

I’ve been using Shakeology for just over two weeks, and I can say that I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in energy levels. While I measure these things by judging how tired I am following an Insanity Workout, I can say that I was able to do that and still had enough energy left to feel good, which is a great sign of how much Shakeology boosts energy levels.

A lot of Shakeology reviews suggest the energy increase is almost superhuman, but the reality is that you will somewhat more energize. There’s nothing superhuman about it.

Food Cravings
You will likely feel hungrier for the first few days that you use Shakeology. This is a normal process given that you are replacing one of the full meals you eat with a liquid. Things will change pretty quickly though, and before you know it, you won’t be thinking too much about lunch anymore. There’s no magic to it though, and these reduced cravings will only last so long. You’ll still have your usual cravings for food in the afternoon if you take Shakeology first thing in the morning.

Weight Loss and Looks
If you take just one thing away from this Shakeology review, then it should be the fact that this is a meal replacement packed with overall benefits for your health that can save you time and money. It’s also a fantastic source of energy. It’s still stupid to think that it can do all the work for you without you having to put in any effort of your own.

Of course, replacing a meal with plenty of healthy nutrients the body can easily absorb and eliminating food cravings will shed a little bit of weight, but you’ll be lucky to lose more than ten pounds in a month like that. You will at least look better though. Expect healthy and smooth skin, the glow that I mentioned before, and to be more refreshed and alert.

Combining Shakeology with Fitness Routines
If you enjoy playing sports, then this meal replacement should prove useful because it provides plenty of energy. However, if you’re interested in what you can do with a powerful fitness program and a great source of nutrients, then you should sign up to your local gym or give intense workouts such as Focus T25 or the Insanity Workout a try.

If you want to do something less intense, then I’d recommend trying the Cize workout offered by Beachbody and Shaun T. There’s also the Pivo workout which can learn more about with this Pive review, and the Core De Force workout that is reviewed here.

Combining Shakeology with a fitness routine gives you almost instantaneous weight loss results.

How It Affects your Lifestyle

If you’re a busy person with a hectic lifestyle and not much time to dedicate to fitness you’re likely going to be wondering if Shakeology can make a difference to your life, for better or worse. Taking everything discussed already into account, there is one conclusion to make.

The first thing is that it takes some time to prepare and consume meals. If you make plans to take Shakeology in the morning and replace breakfast, then it’s a great way to save time and start the day off right. If you generally have to rush out in the mornings and have very stressful mornings, then Shakeology provides a better way to have to deal with preparing a meal and rushing out to start your day. Given that Shakeology is tasty and presented as a liquid, I find it also helps prevent the nausea I sometimes get over breakfast.

Shakeology leaves you in a better mood because it leaves you feeling full and craving food less. On the subject of mood, I think it’s worth looking at something I found on their blog;

Shakeology claims that a full scoop of Shakeology offers the complete daily recommended intake of vitamin B12. This vitamin is commonly associated with maintaining a good mood. B vitamins as a whole are needed to produce neurotransmitters and keep them working properly. This includes things such as dopamine, which is necessary to feel pleasure. Shakeology also contains cacao, which is rich in phenylethylamine (PEA).This works as a neurotransmitter that boosts mood levels.

This would explain my great mood lately, but perhaps it’s just a placebo effect from reading this. Either way I do feel better though. It’s hard to deny that.

One of the best things as far as lifestyle changes go is the improved cognitive function and alertness. You’ll never have to rely on caffeine again thanks to Shakeology.

The actual best thing about Shakeology though is how it increases your energy levels and gets you pumped up. You’ll find you have so much energy that you have to go out and do something just to burn through some of it. If this happens to you and you aren’t sure what to do then I recommend trying out The Insanity Workout; it’ll calm down even the most hyperactive people.

The Cost Factor that Other Reviews Gloss Over

I considered the cost of Shakeology before going ahead and trying it. There’s something about Shakeology that I have to share with you in my Shakeology review, and that’s the fact that this meal replacement is actually cheap.

The reason people feel strongly about the cost of Shakeology is that it’s an upfront cost. If you were to do the math and work out how much money you spend on your breakfast in a month, or how much money you spend buying snacks to satisfy your cravings, then it’s wrong to assume that Shakeology is expensive.

If you were to try and add some healthy things to your breakfast such as proteins and vitamins, it would cost you more than purchasing Shakeology. Not to mention you’ll be paying more money for food that has less nutritional value and health benefits.

Combining with Supplements

One interesting thing about Shakeology is that there’s no need to take other supplements while using it. You’ll get a wealth of protein, not to mention plenty of minerals and vitamins. You might be skeptical about this much like I was when I compared how many vitamins and minerals I got against traditional supplementation, but there’s something you should remember.

Given that Shakeology promotes nutrient absorption, even though you’re getting less of some vitamins your body is using more of it. Rather than flushing your system with vitamins and minerals, they are absorbed and sent where they are needed. This is why you don’t necessary need extra supplements while using Shakeology. This is just another area in which Shakeology saves you money. Go ahead and re-evaluate the real cost of Shakeology.

Where to Buy It

Whether you’re looking to find something that can help you reach your fitness goals, or you just want something that can boost your health and wellbeing, you should try out Shakeology for yourself.

Shakeology can only be purchased directly through the Beachbody website and so it can’t be found anywhere else. Watch out for scams that offer to give you a pack of Shakeology on any website other than the official one.

Shakeology can be purchased through Beachbody on Demand. The cost at time of writing is $160 for a yearly subscription, but you’ll also receive complete access to all of their workout programs and – just in case you wanted more – access to everything Beachbody releases in the future.

Shakeology might not be some kind of magical pill, but it will still give you a healthy boost to your energy levels and improve other aspects of your life because it enables you to get more from nutrition, boost digestion, improve mood, and detoxify the body. This meal replacement is easy to prepare and use, and the price is good value for money when you consider what you get compared to how much people waste on junk food.

Try Shakeology for yourself and see how it improves your lifestyle. It is my sincere hope that my Shakeology review helped you decide if it is right for you or not.

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Boosted Digestion

As someone who ate a lot and burned it off with intense physical activity, it’s strange to feel so much lighter and like you’ve lost all the tension you didn’t realize was building up. This may also be caused by the fact that you’re consuming less food.

Lower Cholesterol

I can’t keep track of the results from the Insanity Workout and say whether they were from the workout or Shakeology. Even though I never had any problems with cholesterol anyway, the improvement has been noticeable.

Cognitive Focus

As energy levels increased – which I’ll get into in a minute – I also noticed that my cognitive focus was boosted. It provides a level of clarity and balance that can’t be achieved without using some technique. A friend of mine said it was like I had done yoga without actually doing yoga. This could just be because of the exercise, but it sounds logical that, given everything I learned about nutrition, the healthy nutrients in Shakeology can indeed boost mental focus.

Shakeology Ingredients

It’s only right that I look at the ingredients of the meal replacement if I’m going to review Shakeology. I’ll do my best to tell you about the ingredients so you won’t need to look them up elsewhere.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Shakeology:

Isolated whey protein, the easily-absorbed high-quality protein
Isolated whey protein is ideal for building muscle mass and maintaining it. When I compared my results to the first time I attempted the Insanity Workout, I saw much better results as far as muscle gain was concerned. My muscles also recovered faster and weren’t sore for as long following a workout. This ingredient also stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Whey protein contains essential amino acids that boost cognitive function by supporting the brain and encouraging clarity of mind. It could also be responsible for reduced food cravings. As far as quantity goes, it’s up to you if you trust Beachbody or not but I feel I got how much they say I did give the results.

Phytonutrients such as polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, and anthocyanins
These ingredients are powerful antioxidants, which means they get rid of free radicals. These free radicals are molecules that damage cells and are partly responsible for the aging process and possibly degenerative conditions. These phytonutrients have been shown to help prevent these conditions, and it’s believed that mixing them together like this boosts the immune system and offers greater protection against degenerative diseases.

Prebiotics are nutrients that support good bacteria in the digestive tract. This prebiotics can also help to absorb certain minerals, particularly calcium. This is one of the main reasons that Shakeology can improve digestion.

Digestive enzymes
The digestive enzymes in Shakeology come from sources including papaya and pineapple. They help to break food down into individual components, boosting nutrient absorption. If this claim is accurate, then it would mean that the nutrients from the food you eat are absorbed better.

23 vitamins and minerals
Shakeology also contains a combination of 23 different vitamins and minerals. I try to avoid artificially boosting vitamin intake, but this can be a great thing for people that don’t get enough fruits and vegetables and need that little boost.

Taste and Preparation 

When you first taste Shakeology it can taste somewhat weird. It’s kind of like chocolate milk (I only tried the chocolate flavor) but if you could feel the milk. After drinking a few of them, you’ll get used to the flavor, and it’ll be sweeter and quite tasty. It’s never too delicious though. There were some times when I wasn’t that satisfied by the taste, but do remember that I consider nutrition and diet to be more important than taste.

You’ll get a smoother texture if you make it in the blender, but it can still be somewhat thick. If you’re looking to make it easier to prepare, then you should use a shaker as the blender has to be washed and it takes longer to prepare that way. If you do use a shaker though then the texture isn’t as good because there are tiny chunks of powder left behind. Adding ice makes the texture even rougher. This does make it feel like more of a meal though, and so I prefer doing things this way. You’re going to get a liquid, either way, so you may as well make a “meal” out of it. Using the shaker also saves time.

It’s very easy to prepare Shakeology. All you have to do is add a scoop of the powder to a cup of water or milk. You can add two scoops of ice to make it more refreshing and improve the texture. It’s better to blend it, but this isn’t as practical as using a shaker because it takes a while to get it clean.

As far as aroma is concerned, you can expect a cocoa scent (from the chocolate version at least). The scent doesn’t quite match the taste though. The taste is somewhat less appealing, but the shake smells great.

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