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Shift Shop Review

Last updated: March 29, 2019

The Shift Shop workout from Chris Downing is advertised as being a three-week rapid rebuilding workout that uses proven strength and conditioning techniques, combined with abdominal routines and active agility training to push your body to the next level of fitness.

No matter where you are coming from, where you have been, your weight, size, or age, this is one program that claims to gradually improve fitness and refine nutrition to get you into great shape in a hurry. In other words, the workouts are ten minutes, and you have to eat fewer carbs, so you’ll be challenging yourself for sure.

The website claims that, across the course of the 21-day Shift Shop Workout program, you can lose up to ten pounds. Will you be able to do that? Will you be able to reach your goals? Are there other important things to consider?

We’ll answer these questions and more by taking a closer look at the workout.

What Happens Each Week of the Workout?


Shift Shop is built on the idea of “ramping it up,” involving starting out easy and then gradually increasing the intensity of cardio and strength training each week, with a total of six workouts a week.

The ramp effect of the program gradually increases fitness time and intensity, as well as adopting stricter nutrition guidelines, to help one to accomplish their goals across three weeks.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a look at what you should expect each week of the program;

Week 1
Shorter 25-minute workouts designed to help you focus and stay committed without getting burned out. Regarding nutrition, you’ll be eating a balanced amount of fat, carbs, and protein.

Week 2
This is where the intensity and activity levels are increased a bit, so you start working out for 35 minutes each time. This gives you faster and more effective results. This is also when you start eating more protein and vegetables and cut back on carbs.

Week 3
The intensity ramps up again on the third week, with 45-minute workouts and cleaner eating – eating whole, natural foods and avoiding processed food – to sculpt a faster, stronger, and leaner body. The website then claims that you can build upon this accomplishment for the rest of your life.
You’ll find a modifier for all the different workouts in the program. These modifiers allow you to get through the exercises and have a good workout no matter what.

The program makes a lot of use of Chris’ signature agility markers, which work as a directional target during cardio workouts that are intended to improve your reflexes and build your speed, coordination, and endurance.

Workout Positives

We enjoy the trainer! It was awesome having Chris Downing in our living room each day. He’s a very encouraging and positive trainer, but he also makes sure to push you. I also enjoyed switching cardio and strength days. With that said, my legs still felt crushed after my cardio days due to all the moves involving using my legs to get my heart rate up. I’ve not sweated nearly as much as I did during those cardio workouts for a long time. I enjoyed that aspect of things too! Sweating a lot means to me that I’ve pushed myself and burned the energy off.

I also enjoyed that the workouts would ramp up over time. It started out with 25-minute workouts, then I was up to 35, and then I went up to 45-minute workouts. It helped to create the consistency in my life that I needed.

Workout Negatives

You will need a little space to complete the workouts. Beachbody fitness programs generally don’t require much space, which is the reason they fit so well into our daily lives as we live in a small apartment. You are going to need some room for these cardio workouts though. I also got pretty worn down by day 20. It gets harder and harder on your body, and I wasn’t having much “fun” when everything was said and done. Not that a workout is supposed to be all that fun all the time, but I wasn’t looking forward to doing the workouts by the end. I just wanted it to be over. I’m not sure if that is because of the workouts themselves or if it was because I was just worn down.

I also wasn’t a big fan of the included meal plan. Ever since I went Paleo, I’ve not had to pay much attention to serving sizes. I was focusing on whole foods, avoiding processed foods, and drinking Shakeology. The meal plan would make me almost stressed out at times. I think that the restrictions on food also made me over-eat at time. I wasn’t eating too much unhealthy food, but I was eating things like sweet potatoes and peanut butter. I’ve always enjoyed how I eat food and feel I have a good relationship with food, so I don’t think this plan worked too well for me.

Who Should Try the program?

I would have to recommend the plan to anyone looking to push themselves in their workouts and feels that their efforts have stagnated. There is no doubt that the Shift Shop workout and nutrition is going to push you through any plateau you may have found yourself stuck behind. I feel former athletes are sure to enjoy the drills if they have enough space (or take things outside). I recommend trying the nutrition plan if you want to learn more about portion control and what kinds of foods you should eat. I think the meal plan would be great for some people, but not everyone.

Who Shouldn’t Try the program?

If you’ve got knee or ankle problems or have joint pain, then this isn’t the workout for you. It involves a lot of jumping, and I feel there are better programs out there for people with joint and knee pain.

All in all, I have to say I’m happy with the results I’ve had! I was able to use the program to get back on track after a trip abroad. It didn’t take long to get back into a routine of working out thanks to the program. I’m also happy to have kissed goodbye to the bloat left over from the summer. While I do wish that I had seen better results, people can’t always get what they want. What I can do is use this as a learning experience to reach my lifelong health and fitness goals.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Shift Shop program comes with a price tag of $59.85, and it comes with eight workouts in all, a Jump Start Guide, the agility markers, a 3-week calendar, and the Simple Shift Nutrition Guide.

Many Beachbody programs are bundled with 30-90-day refund policies, but we aren’t sure on the policy for this one.

Now we’ve gone through some of the basics, let’s take a look at the program in greater detail.

What is High-Intensity Interval Training?

“High-intensity” has become the buzzword of the fitness industry. As the name implies, it refers to workouts that are designed to quickly get your heart beating and push muscles to their limits.

When you perform these exercises for a short amount of time, coupled with a short rest period, and then repeat the exercise, it’s known as “high-intensity interval training” or just HITT. A good HITT workout lasts around 20 minutes.

CrossFit is the most popular variety of HITT. CrossFit is developed to strengthen the whole body. However, you can count anything that involves doing high-intensity workouts as HITT, such as exercises involving weightlifting, sprinting, push-ups, and the Shift Shop Workout.

The benefits of HITT include being able to perform multiple exercises in a short time, working the muscles and cardiovascular system at the same time, and being able to perform the exercises in dozens – if not hundreds – of different ways.

Although, given how intense these workouts can be, they aren’t for everyone. They won’t be for people who are just beginning to work out as it can cause burnout and potentially even injury. Shift Shop may help to alleviate those concerns through ramping up intensity and starting out small; you should still consult your doctor first.

Carbs, Proteins, and Veggies

Carbohydrate is one of the essential macro nutrients the body needs and they are an important energy source for the body. However, if you are getting too many calories from carbohydrates, this excess energy is stored as fat. This can lead to health problems if left alone too long.

Protein is another macronutrient. Protein becomes enzymes in the human digestive system, and those enzymes play an important role in the body as they help to build and repair tissue, create hormones, and form the building blocks of muscle, bones, and skin. They also help to repair cells.

Restricting carbohydrate intake inevitably means restricting calorie intake, which means your body burns through fat as an energy source. Increasing your protein intake during this process helps to rebuild muscle while working out, reduce cravings and appetite, boost metabolism, and reduce blood pressure.

What Results to Expect 

Given everything said so far, you may be wondering how much weight you can stand to lose through the Shift Shop program. The website does say individual results vary, but that you can reach a realistic weight loss goal by sticking to the workout and nutrition plan. Users are told they can reasonably expect to lose up to 10 pounds across the three weeks, which is in-line with the CDC guidelines on losing weight.

About Chris Downing

Chris Downing, the creator of the Shift Shop program, is a personal trainer who takes a motivating and engaging approach to push clients through the workout to improve their physical and mental strength. The programs’ website says that the results-driven methods Chris uses can be effective for everyone on every level, thanks to his short interval workouts that provide fast results. He takes the personal philosophy of “Love. Empower. Inspire.”

As well as working with Beachbody, Chris has owned and operated the D24 Fitness company in North Canton, Ohio, since 2010. He is a former student at Alfred University.

Final Thoughts

Given everything that we’ve learned about the Shift Shop Workout, it seems to us the interval-based training and carbohydrate restriction it uses could help to lose weight and improve fitness levels across the three weeks of the program.

Could it help you to rebuild your body and reinvent your life as it claims though? Well, that is going to be different for everyone.

The answers to the questions posed below are also going to depend on individual preferences and needs, and they could help to determine your chances of success when using the program.

Are you comfortable with having to work out every day?
• Could you watch the same exercise video over and over again? Would that still be true if you were to repeat the program several times to get the results you want?
• Do you already have the basic fitness level necessary to undergo such strenuous, albeit short, workouts? While the exercises do feature modifiers, beginners will still find the intensity of the program to be too much for them.
• Reaching fitness goals involves diet as much as it involves exercise. Do you have the willpower necessary to adhere to the nutrition program?
• Do you like Chris’ coaching style? This matters because the workouts are going to help you stay motivated.
Most of Beachbody’s programs come with positive reviews and feedback. If the program doesn’t work for you, then the refund policy is available. Just be sure to double check the details and make any claims well within time.

Finally, do keep in mind that there are hundreds of different high-intensity interval training workouts around. Given that these programs are mostly based on the same principles, they may potentially deliver similar results. Even so, they are sure to differ in how well they can retain your motivation, and that makes all the difference.

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