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T25 Workout Program Review [Updated 2019] Can they help you?

Last updated: March 27, 2019

Beachbody is known for putting together some great exercises. Some not-so-good ones too, but they’ve had more hits than misses. If you’re someone that has experience with their workouts – such as the Insanity Workout and the Insanity Asylum – then no doubt you’ll have high expectations for their Focus T25 workout.

We decided that it was time to make a dedicated Focus T25 workout review to give you all the information you need about the workout so you can go into it with tempered expectations. That’s why this review might be a little different to the other Focus T25 reviews you’ve read elsewhere. This is because I’ve done the Insanity Workout, had something of an on-off relationship with it, and then gone through the Insanity Asylum workout.

This leaves me feeling that it would be wrong for me to offer up a Focus T25 review from my perspective. The first reason I feel this way is that the results I do get could have been caused by how much of a fitness junkie I already was. The second is that I won’t be able to get a good look at everything the Focus T25 workout can do for users.

This is why we got Bojan – our co-editor – to do the job for us. Bojan agreed to take the Focus T25 challenge and give us a review of the workout in his own words. The guy was out of shape for a few years. He wasn’t exactly overweight or anything, but he lacked muscle definition and wanted to burn through some fat. The problem was that he didn’t know a lot about Beachbody and their exercise programs and I couldn’t convince him to try them. To cut a long story short, he realized that he was the perfect test subject for this workout and stepped up to the plate for us.

To add some extra credibility to our Focus T25 review, Bojan will only write about his experiences. I’ll be offering some of my comments and compare the Focus T25 workout with the other workouts I’ve done – what with me being a fitness fanatic and having undertaken all the exercises myself – but the bulk of the review is a beginner offering his thoughts.

What is the Media Saying about Focus T25?

Given how Focus T25 has been marketed it’s obvious that the workout is different from what Beachbody usually offers. While the Insanity workout was pushed as being a way to work out intensely, Focus T25 is about working smarter, not harder.

The primary asset of the workout – and something that initially made us skeptical – was that each workout only takes around 25 minutes to complete (hence the name). This was also one of the main leverage points that convinced people to try it out for themselves though, even if it did make fitness freaks like Slavko disregard the workout from the beginning. That’s all changed now though of course.

Something else that separates the Focus T25 workout from other programs is how much of your week you’re going to be investing in it. While the Insanity and Insanity Asylum workouts require users to invest six days a week, this one only calls on you to work out five days a week. Not counting the stretching you have to do on Sunday anyway, which is hardly a workout at all. When considering the competitors for this workout, our mind goes to the Insanity Max 30 workout which has 30-minute workouts. We went in-depth on the Max 30 workout during our Insanity Max 30 review.

If you’re after something even easier, then we’d have to recommend checking out the Cize workout. Take a look at our Cize review or the Piyo review for another alternative.

What first drew my attention about Focus T25 was that it was divided up into different phases. These phases give you a sense of progress as you move through the program. It’s different from the Insanity workout in that you start at one place and move forward to another.

Slavko picked up the Focus T25 workout and set aside the time to go through it for us. He told us that he would use each workout once and assess how they compared to other programs out there. He would judge them on his experience with other programs and his time as a fitness coach. I expect he has a good idea of what results I should expect.

About Shaun T – The Man Behind It

If you haven’t had all of this drilled into you by the infomercials yet, then it will be by the time I’m done. The man behind the Insanity Workout, The Insanity Asylum workout, Hip Hop Abs, and all those other workouts is Shaun T. Shaun has a degree in sports science, with a minor in dance and theatre. He’s been a dancer, choreographer, and trainer for a long time now, so he’s certainly going to have the skills to put together these workouts.

The story behind Focus T25 is that apparently, Shaun T created the workout for the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, to create a program that allowed Carl to stay in shape while coping with his insane schedule.

Shaun T also invited Tania – of the Insanity Workout – over. Tania had recently given birth to her son a few months before beginning the workouts with the test group. She saw quite a transformation when following the program and – of course – this created quite a bit of buzz for the fitness community.

I’ve come to appreciate Shaun T and his work quite a bit over the years. I’ve done both the regular Insanity Workout and the Insanity Asylum workout. I find Shaun to be an excellent motivator who was able to keep me going through hell when I followed the Asylum workout.

With that said, I’ll certainly try out every workout that he releases in the future. That certainly makes me somewhat biased towards the products that Shaun makes, but I’ll be sure to keep my enthusiasm in check and make my Focus T25 review as unbiased as possible. I wouldn’t want it to sound like another infomercial or sales letter. Rather, I’ll be giving you an informed opinion on whether Focus T25 would be worth your time or not. I hope Bojan is also able to do the same.

What To Expect from It

Before I go ahead and let Bojan give you his thoughts and experiences, I thought it would be worth sharing with you what I told him after trying out the exercises. The first thing is that it soon became obvious that the Focus T25 workout was much easier than the Insanity workout. It was certainly easier than the Insanity Asylum workout. I found myself in my comfort zone without having to go all out and against the clock with every set and workout.

This means that Beachbody has decided to target a somewhat different demographic with this workout. They are targeting people that want to get great results, but want to avoid punishing themselves by doing an insane workout each day.

It’s interesting to know that these days people can get great results with little more than 25 minutes of working out. Insanity was a constant struggle, especially during the second month. It became almost impossible to stay motivated knowing that I was in for an insane sixty-minute workout. I had to learn to love it, but others were less pleased with the workouts and would give up before completing the program. They were just too frustrated to keep going.

The Focus T25 workout only takes up 25 minutes for your day. It also allows for modifications to the exercises, unlike Insanity and Asylum.

Something else that makes this workout program so great is that it reaches out to such a large demographic. It’s perfect for fitness beginners that want to reach higher levels, while at the same time a fitness veteran can still get good results and what they need from the program by pushing themselves a little further. Most of the exercises are bodyweight exercises, which mean you use your body weight to add resistance. There’s also some rep counting involved as well, counting how many you can do in a minute. That’s where people who are looking for a challenge can push themselves by attempting to break their personal best and hit more reps.

With all that said, I don’t think that the Focus T25 workout would be good for everyone. If you’re going to do just a handful of reps during each 30-second set and expect great results, then you’re going to have a bad time.

It takes mental power and a willingness to keep pushing to break a sweat and achieve results. You can expect to get good results if you work your best and get a sweat going through.

Another great thing about the Focus T25 program is that Tania from the Insanity workouts is there. Not many people know that she worked together with Shaun on a number of his workouts. Tania is special because she makes her modifications with the exercise. This didn’t mean too much to Boja, who was trying to keep up with everyone else, but it might make the series more valuable for people that are struggling with the exercises; whether because of their weight or because of an injury.

This brings me to another good point. Some people have complained about the intensity of the Insanity workout and are worried about the potential for injury. The Focus T25 workout addresses that issue well. The exercises come with a slower warm-up and are slower to start in general before getting progressively more intense, but Tania offers her modifications to each exercise to virtually extinguish the potential for injury.

Tania’s modifications are great, particularly when it comes to the one arm planks.


While fitness addicts such as Slavko can say that it’s not hard to follow the program, I will admit I struggled when starting out. The beta phase was also tough when getting started. The Focus T25 workout certainly isn’t for everyone. It takes some willpower to push through, even though you’re only exercising for 25 minutes a day.

That the program came with a lot less frustration and was less of a mental struggle than programs such as the Insanity Workout made it simpler to focus on eating properly and living a healthy lifestyle. I look better and I feel better, and I’ve never been so physically ready to do anything I need to do.

I’m going to continue following the Focus T25 workout now I’ve gotten hooked, and the results appear to be improving. I feel I owe it to Slavko for convincing me to try it out at last.

If I were to condense Focus T25 into a single sentence, I would say that it gives you a gradual progression that gets you looking ripped and gives you a professional level of athleticism for just 25 minutes of your day.

If you wanted something more affordable and customizable though, we recommend checking out our fitness workout platform.

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