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Tai Cheng Review

Pros, Cons and Verdict. Does it Really Work?

Performing regular exercise helps people to get fit, lose weight, and can reduce the risk of developing a chronic disease. However, not every form of fitness program is good for all individuals. If you are here wondering if Tai Cheng is the right workout for you, then you certainly won’t be disappointed. I’ve looked into this workout program aiming to reveal the insider truth about the workout including information the creators won’t tell you; including the pros and cons of the regimen, and reviews from real people that have tried the workout for themselves.

Who is Dr. Cheng?

The Tai Cheng website defines it as being the latest and perhaps most comprehensive fitness program offered by Beachbody – an American multi-national corporation selling weight loss, fitness, and muscle building home-exercise programs. The program was created by Dr. Mark Cheng, who has over 20 years of experience as a master of Tai Chi. Dr. Cheng is also a specialist in Chinese medicine, a registered acupuncturist in the State of California, and holds a Ph.D. in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Dr. Cheng developed a revolutionary new method of Dynamic Motion control – an approach to physical training that allows even beginners to master Tai Chi basics. Combining classic Tai Chi basics with ancient Qi Gong practices and modern sports science, Dr. Cheng has been able to create a supposedly easy and effective solution for increasing agility and balance, rehabbing and strengthening the body after joint or muscle injuries, improving circulation, and promoting total overall well-being.

The Tai Cheng program from Beachbody was put together by Dr. Mark Cheng, who is a lifelong practitioner of Tai Chi. He has tau

ght Tai Chi to thousands of people across the past twenty years. These decades of experience with the gentle but powerful martial art taught Dr. Cheng how to teach the art, and how to help even the most novice of novices quickly learn the complexities

of Tai Chi. The breakthrough came in the form of Dynamic Motion Control – a simple approach to the not-so-simple art of Tai Chi; combining the very best of the art and delivering the health benefits of Tai Chi to everyone.

Dr. Cheng took his extensive knowledge of Tai Chi and mixed it with Qi Gong practices, bringing both styles up to date with the latest understanding of modern sports science. The result is a potent blend of all three delivering balance, flexibility, and improved range of motion, as well as improved energy and vitality, strengthened joints, mental clarity, and easier breathing.

Tai Cheng DVD Workout – 8 DVD Base Kit Shown

How Does Tia Cheng Work?

It is said that the key to succeeding with Tai Chi is Dynamic Motion Control, which makes use of gentle flowing movements to heal and improve the overall body. It takes you across light energizing warm-ups each day. The program includes 18 key healing movements beginning with individual movements that make it easier to live an active lifestyle with less pain, to a series of combinations that are said to lead to overall health benefit within the 90-day workout. The program as a whole is split into four phases. You are going to learn 6 Tai Chi movements during the first three phases, which take three weeks each to complete. The fourth phase takes four weeks, and it engages you in using multiple movements together as a sequence.

The Workouts

Tai Cheng Master Scroll
The Tai Cheng Master Scroll offers a breakdown of the 18 exercises featured across the program. It’s supposed to be watched before starting the program to give you an overview of what to expect. The DVD will also explain the breathing techniques to be used during the course.

There are two bonus segments thrown in. These segment, called Applied Travel and Sport, include a 10-minute workout to be used while traveling to relieve tension and loosen muscles, as well as another 10-minute segment showing movements used to relax muscles after engaging in sporting activities.


Phase 1 DVD
Phase one demonstrates six Tai Chi movements that can be combined into a simple routine designed to improve strength and boost the range of motion. The moves for the segment also ease the tension in painful joints.

Phase 2 DVD
Phase 2 will show you six more moves that are going to boost your energy levels and burn through calories to improve your balance, strength, and stability.

Phase 3 DVD
Phase 3 demonstrates the last six moves that combine the different elements of the program.

Phase 4 DVD
Phase 4 combines all the different moves learned so far into a graceful and powerful routine that leaves you feeling good.

Program Length/Frequency

The Tai Cheng program lasts for 90 days in total, split across the four separate phases. Phases 1, 2, and 3 include six different Tai Chi moves each. You’ll learn these moves at your own pace. Those phases last for three weeks each, while the 4th one is four weeks long. During Phase 4, you will learn how these moves can be combined into different sequences, which can provide their own physical and mental benefits.

While it takes 90 days to complete Tai Cheng, you can expect to see the results sooner than that. Most people who perform just one session of Tai Cheng report having more energy, and feeling less pain and stiffness on top of other benefits.

After completing the 90-day program, you’re able to repeat certain parts of Tai Cheng; in particular, the 4th phase where the moves are combined. You can keep that up for as long as you want to. Many people use Tai Cheng as an introduction to Tai Chi as a whole, and then make the art part of their regular organic fitness routine.

Equipment/Space Requirements

The equipment/space requirements for Tai Cheng is one area where it outshines other programs from Beachbody. Unlike other at-home exercise programs, Tai Cheng is sold with everything necessary to do the workouts. The only thing you need is, of course, a TV and DVD player; which you’re watching the workout DVDs on of course.

Outside of the most basic requirements, Tai Cheng has everything you need; resistance bands and a foam roller. You’ll require an area of around 6 feet by 6 feet to perform the movements without limiting the range of motion too much.

Tai Cheng DVD Workout – 8 DVD Base Kit Shown

Equipment/Space Requirements

The equipment/space requirements for Tai Cheng is one area where it outshines other programs from Beachbody. Unlike other at-home exercise programs, Tai Cheng is sold with everything necessary to do the workouts. The only thing you need is, of course, a TV and DVD player; which you’re watching the workout DVDs on of course.

Outside of the most basic requirements, Tai Cheng has everything you need; resistance bands and a foam roller. You’ll require an area of around 6 feet by 6 feet to perform the movements without limiting the range of motion too much.

Tai Chi & Chi Kung (Qigong) Effectiveness

As mentioned before, Tai Cheng lasts for a total of 90 days, but you should experience results well before then. As is the case with every other Beachbody program, how effective Tai Cheng is depended on your ability to stick to the workout schedule consistently. Consistency is always key when it comes to getting the most benefit from Tai Cheng.

One key feature of Tai Cheng can introduce you to lots of the different moves involved with Tai Chi. As is the case with yoga moves, some Tai Chi moves can be more difficult to pull as soon as you learn them. There are a number of moves that feel confusing at first, so be sure to practice them until you can complete them using the right form. Reaching, and maintaining, a proper form is important to make the exercises as effective as possible.

tai cheng deluxe kit

Physical Requirements

One of the primary advantages of Tai Cheng is how flexible it is. Just about everyone, no matter their level of fitness, can experience Tai Cheng and all of the benefits it brings within a short amount of time. Most of the moves included in Tai Cheng are actually suited for those with little athletic or physical prowess as things such as balance, flexibility, and coordination are a vital aspect of Tai Chi and form the foundation of other exercises.

If you feel that you are already physically fit, you could still benefit a lot from Tai Cheng – especially the mental benefits. Using Tai Cheng to regularly practice Tai Chi can prove beneficial for even experienced athletes because the program improves balance, induces calm, and relieves stress. However, you should consider also incorporating a more physically demanding program alongside this one if you want to build muscle, strength, and density or lose weight.


Tai Cheng is backed up by the top-notch world-class supported offered by Beachbody. That means that if you do run into problems with the program, or have a question about it, you can quickly get in touch with Beachbody through phone, live chat, or email – completely free of charge.

Tai Cheng also comes packaged with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that the program isn’t right for you, or want to return it for any other reason, then you have 90 days to ask for – and receive – a refund.
Benefits and Drawbacks of Tai Cheng


• Promotes overall health and wellness, great for rehabilitating the body, improving metabolism, healing joints, managing stress, pain relief, improving athletic performance, correcting posture, boosting mind and body coordination, and improving flexibility for better health as you get older.
• Designed for all ages; young and old alike can use the program and enjoy the benefits no matter their fitness level
• Backed up by research; the program is backed up by over 30 years of research and development
• No need for bulky equipment. There’s no need to purchase additional equipment.
• A simple learning curve; All you need is a six-by-six-foot space, under an hour of time each day, and a foam roller (which is included in the package).


• Not good for serious weight loss. If you’re aiming to lose weight or build muscle, then this program might not be the best for you. It won’t burn as many calories as other programs might do.
• It can sometimes get boring. It takes some serious motivation to stick the program through to the end.

Tai Cheng DVD Workout – 8 DVD Base Kit Shown

Cost of the Program

There are two ways to purchase Tai Cheng, each one of which comes with its own price.

The Tai Cheng base kit is available through three monthly payments of $39.95, plus $24.95 for shipping and handling. The basic kit includes everything necessary to get through the Tai Cheng program, including the 12 DVDs, an exercise guidebook and food plan, a weekly workout calendar, a foam roller, a tape measure, bonus DVDs with applied workouts, a nutrition guide, removable floor tape, low-and-medium-resistance strength fitness bands, and access to the online Beachbody community.

The Tai Cheng Master Kit is available for a single payment of $239.70 plus $19.78 for shipping and handling. The Master Kit comes with everything from the base kit as well as two additional DVDs (Qi Gong and Master Class), a RumbleRoller foam roller, a wall calendar, an ultra high-resistance variable strength band, and weighted gloves. These materials are all designed and included to improve the intensity of the workouts for better results.

If you have already purchased your Tai Cheng base workout kit and want to advance to the Master Kit, then you can do that by purchasing a Tai Cheng Master workout Kit Upgrade for $119.85. If you’re only interested in buying the strong-resistance strength elastic band and DVDs from the Master Kit, then you can purchase the Tai Cheng Master fitness Kit DVDs with Strength Band pack for $44.85.

Finally, there is the Tai Cheng Body Alignment DVD which is available separately at the cost of $19.95. This standalone DVD teaches you how to use Tai Cheng to alleviate mobility issues, prevent injuries, strengthen the core, walk with a better posture, correct bad joint mechanics, and more.

Workout DVD Summary

The Tai Cheng Workout DVD from Beachbody has a lot of positives to be sure. The movements of the exercises are gentle and are geared towards people who are getting older, allowing them to build strength, improve balance and agility, and reduce the aches and pains of getting older. With that said, anyone is able to benefit from these workouts and improve their functional fitness, agility, stability, and improve strength and energy levels.

Regular Tai Cheng workouts can also help improve circulation and coordination, encourage fat loss, and reduce stress. The moves are explained with detailed instructions and precisely accurate demonstrations that allow for quick mastering.

The bonuses included with the kit improve the potential benefits. The resistance bands give you the power to take things to the next level. If you haven’t used foam rollers before, you’re sure to be impressed at how effective such a simple could be to induce a sense of relaxation and work out muscle kinks.

The travel and sports segments are another useful addition, along with the calendar that offers a different and thought-out routine for the individual weeks of the program. The meal program provides a no-fuss way to improve health and lose weight without having to restrict calorie intake or buy obscure ingredients you’ve never even heard of.

The Tai Cheng exercise program is a great addition to the Beachbody catalog as it is suited to individuals no matter their fitness level, including beginner and expert athletes and enthusiasts. Tai Cheng will teach you the ancient art of Tai Chi, which strangles graceful and gentle body movements into an effective routine.

While you should expect to lose a little weight and gain a little muscle through the Tai Cheng fitness program, the main benefits of the program are built around stress relief, pain reduction, improved range of motion for joints, reduced muscle stiffness, and improved equilibrium, elasticity, and coordination.

With all of that said, individuals that want to lose all the weight they can (or build all the muscle they can) as fast as possible, should consider a different Beachbody program such as P90X, Less Mills Pump, Insanity, and Body Beat. At the same time though, Tai Cheng does a great job of filling in a niche that has been left relatively empty by Beachbody.

Tai Cheng DVD Workout – 8 DVD Base Kit Shown