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P90X Review

Last updated: March 27, 2019

The P90X workout is a 90-day home based fitness workout program from Beachbody designed and guided by personal instructor Tony Horton. The P90X workout Base Kit can be accessed online or can be delivered as 12 physical DVDs. Either way, customers are guaranteed satisfaction or their money back. The exercises in P90X are built around strength primarily, but also focus on weight management, athletic performance, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. The Base Kit comes with a workout calendar and three-phase nutrition guide. The more advanced kits – Deluxe and Ultimate – have some exercise equipment and other videos included to make them worth the cost. Keep reading for our full review of P90X.

P90X by personal trainer Tony Horton is one of the most in-depth home fitness programs offered by Beachbody. It features 12 videos – and bonuses – that address entire-body needs. Over the course of 90 days, the program will transform your body and give you better strength, definition, flexibility, athletic performance, and cardiovascular wellness. The exercises in P90X series from slow and straightforward yoga stretches to abdominal crunches, dumbbell repetitions, and plyometric jumping. The program is designed to meet a variety of capability levels and goals, such as losing weight, building lean muscle mass, and bulking up.

How it Works 

The 90-day total body workout is built around completing daily exercises six days a week and following the three-stage nutrition plan. When it comes to exercises, the exercises are provided through DVDs and an online streaming service. There are three suggested workout schedules to support different exercises;

Classic P90X – for losing weight, strengthening, toning, balance, flexibility, etc.

Lean – for losing weight

Doubles – for additional performance training

When it comes to nutrition, the diet plan in P90X is designed to supply the body with the calories needed for workouts, as well as nutrient stability that improves recovery following exercise. Beachbody advises certain supplements that can be used to enhance your protein to carbohydrate ratio.

What the program Promises

The marketing for the system is primarily built around the idea that you can get ripped in 90 days by following the program. That alone should throw up some red flags for most people.

We’ll put that into perspective. Let’s say that there are two people, both considering the P90X system. One of them weighs around 180 pounds and has around 10% body fat. The other weighs the same but has around 35% body fat. Which of those people would you say is close to being “ripped”? The answer is obviously the first one. They will no doubt achieve the goals set out by the program. If you’re beginning at a stage that could hardly be called ripped – such as having a higher body fat percentage – then it’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll become lean and toned in just three months.

Don’t forget that the accepted “safe” rate of weight loss is only 1-2 pounds per week. That means that if you weigh 180 pounds and have 35% body fat (meaning you have 63 pounds of fat mass), you could safely lose between 12 and 25 pounds during a 90-day time frame.

Even if you were to lose the top end of that safe amount that would mean that you still had around 38 pounds of fat mass left. That means you have around 24.5% body fat, assuming that you didn’t lose any mean muscle mass too. No one could be considered “ripped” with 24.5% body fat. Straight away you want to put any claim made into context. If you know that you need to lose lots of weight, then you should expect it will take longer than “just” 90 days.

You only set yourself up for disappointment by expecting a total transformation in such a short time period.

The “Secret Weapon” 

Every program like this has some kind of secret weapon, so what does P90X consider to be its secret that makes it effective? Constant manipulation. The human body is versatile and adaptable. When you perform the same movements time and time again, whether, at home or the gym, it will become used to it. I realize that it can get through a workout without any real difficulty, and progress comes to a standstill.

That’s when people hit their plateau and fail to see any progress.

To fight that, you have to take your body out of its comfort zone and do something that it isn’t used to. That could be some new exercises, heavier weight, different rep ranges, less rest, changing the order of the exercises, and more. What matters is that you change something. Making this change should mean you continue getting results.

The P90X system takes that idea and runs with it. There are 12 different workouts in all, allowing you to switch things up and ensure your body never knows what you’ll do next.

What Makes it so Effective?

It’s hardly a secret many people have had success with the P90X workout. All you need to do is look, and you’ll find reviews from people talking about the amazing transformations they enjoyed. Before you invest in the program thinking that you’re going to join that list of people who transformed their body, it’s worth asking yourself what makes the program so effective and why it can deliver these results.

It Offers a Variety of Workouts

AS mentioned before, that you get a wide range of workouts is an essential key to the success of P90X, from a physical perspective, that makes the program offer continuous results.

On top of that though, having lots of different workouts to complete means you are less likely to get bored. What would you say is the main reason that people fail with a workout program, no matter which program it is? It’s because they aren’t able to stick to it.

Every workout program has a high drop-off rate, and you don’t need us to tell you that you aren’t going to get results if you aren’t going to work out. People who struggle with maintaining traditional programs may find that their boredom disappears with P90X. That motivates them to continue with the program and get the results they want. This is an essential key in their overall success.

It Comes with a Full Meal Plan

Another reason that people find success with the P90X workout program is that it comes complete with a diet plan. If someone followed a workout program and didn’t have a second thought for what they ate, it’s highly unlikely they would get the results that they wanted.

No matter how good a workout program is, it can’t overcome a lousy diet. Without considering both diet and exercise, you can never hope to achieve your goals. Many people that start working out trying to “eat healthier,” but the only way to see any real success is by following a specific diet plan.

Those who are excited about what P90X can do for them follow the diet program as well as the workout one, and that is the reason they lose weight and build muscle with the program.

Our Rating

We give P90X a total rating of 83/100. It’s a great all-in-one home workout program from Beachbody that works for both men and women. Over the course of the 90 days of the program, users will establish a comprehensive physical fitness thanks to video sessions for cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and more. The workout videos are available on DVD as a 12-part set through the Base Kit, and they can also be streamed onto computers, mobile devices, and TVs.

The workouts n P90X are led by famous personal trainer and former spokesman for NordicTrack Tony Horton. Horton has been in the business for decades, dating back to 1980s California where he counted celebrities among his clientele. As far as fitness videos are concerned, Horton is best known for this P90X workout, along with the follow-up workouts P90X2 and P90X3.

Every purchase of the 12-DVD set comes with accessories such as a fitness guide, workout calendar, and a nutritional plan. When purchasing the Deluxe P90X set, you receive some exercise equipment, including three color resistance bands and a chin-up bar. The Ultimate plan comes with three extra workouts, a more advanced chin-up bar, and a push-up accessory, as well as everything listed above.

You have the option of paying for P90X in three installments or all at once. The program also comes backed with a 90-day money-back guarantee offered by Beachbody.

Pros :

P90X has become one of the more popular video series’ offered by Beachbody. Here’s a look at the main advantages of the program;

It’s comprehensive
The P90X home workout system addresses every objective one might have when working out; strength training, weight loss, cardio training, and flexibility. Every major muscle group is addressed. The workouts include Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X, and Yoga X. We have a full list of the 12 workouts below.

It’s customizable
Unlike other fitness programs, P90X doesn’t try to pretend that one size can fit all. Different workout schedules are suggested to meet the diverse range of fitness goals, nutrition preferences, and time commitments people have. The “Lean” workout schedule, for example, has a higher ratio of cardio exercises designed to boost weight loss. The included fitness calendar helps you to stay on top of your chosen schedule.

A mixture of activities and intensities
P90X gives you a variety of home exercises. You’re able to choose from among 12 different workouts – or 17 with the Ultimate kit – and find the right one you need that day, from low-force yoga to higher-energy plyometrics (cardio with jumping). The introductory “How to Bring It” workout video offers a summary of the different P90X and some safety tips and essential advice on vitamin supplements that can boost your results.

Minimal equipment required
You can do all of the different workouts without having to use any equipment. The ones that do require equipment only need dumbbells or a resistance band or a chin-up bar. We recommend investing in an impact-absorbing yoga rug and a heart rate monitor as well. Some of the exercises will require the push-up stands that come included too.

Exercise whenever – wherever – you want
Every Beachbody exercise video can be streamed online after you buy the DVDs. That means that you can follow along with your P90X calendar whether you’re still at home or have gone traveling. The online access allows you to stream personal training videos directly to your computer, mobile device, or smart TV.

Fitness test included
The P90X DVDs include a P90X Fitness Test, which can also be accessed online as a PDF file. This test outlines different exercises you can complete, along with some room to record your results. You should complete the test at various points during the 90 days to measure your progress and see how you have improved.

Online support
Anyone that orders Beachbody DVDs set collection or subscribes to the Beachbody on Demand service has complete access to online fitness support. There is also an online forum where you can connect to other P90X users and Beachbody experts.

Satisfaction guaranteed
Depending on which version of P90X you get – on DVDs or through Beachbody on Demand – you will receive a money-back guarantee or a free trial of the P90X home fitness program. Verified customer reviews show that the majority of people who purchase P90X are pleased with the results they get.

Cons :

One of the most common complaints about P90X – that is still a rare complaint – is accidentally being sent the wrong P90X kit and having to wait to receive the right order. There are other potential drawbacks, which we’ll look at now.

The Ultimate P90X Kit – including exercise equipment – costs over $300 in all. The Base Kit is around $40/month across three months, plus shipping and handling. Buying the DVD is still cheaper than hiring your trainer, but it is more expensive than getting a gym membership.

It takes around half an hour each day to complete the exercises. Some of them are shorter though.

The program has the flexibility to accommodate beginners with the help of experienced total-body trainers, but some workouts can still be challenging. It’s hard to suggest that P90X is the best home workout solution for everyone. It’s recommended that you can complete at least one pull-up before beginning P90X.

Beachbody offers a lot of workouts outside of Tony Horton’s DVDs, and they aren’t shy about letting you know. Adverts for other Beachbody products and workouts such as Shakeology – their nutrition shake – will play before and after workouts.

P90X Workouts
There are a total of 12 workouts in P90X. Each workout focuses on a different group of muscles or a different exercise. Some of these exercises are good for “active rest,” which is when you take a break from strength training to let your muscles heal, but still, do some cardio exercises.

The 12 workouts are:

Chest and Back – classic upper body strength exercises

Plyometrics – a cardio routine built around jumping to increase athletic performance

Shoulders and Arms – pressing, curling, and fly exercises to build strength

Yoga X – strength training through breathing, balancing, and stretching to benefit both mind and body

Legs and Back – lower body strength training through squats, lunges, and other lower-body workouts

Kenpo X – intense cardio incorporating kicks and punches to improve balance, endurance, and coordination

X Stretch – stretch to improve athletic performance prevent injuries

Core Synergistics – tones the entire body but with a focus on the core; includes a variety of floor exercises, lunges, and moves using resistance bands

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – targets large muscle groups and smaller muscles that you may not be working

Back and Biceps – tightens and tones the upper body, designed to build lean definition or bulk up

Cardio X – a low-impact cardio workout combining yoga, Kenpo, and plyometrics; and more relaxed alternative to the plyometrics workout above

Ab Ripper X – crunches, twists, and other floor exercises designed to create a “V” abdomen and a defined six-pack

As far as the exercise equipment you’ll require; it’s recommended that you use floor mats for the yoga workouts, crunches, push-ups, and other floor exercises. You’ll need dumbbells and resistance bands for the strength training. A chin-up bar is also required for some P90X workouts. The good news is that chin-up bars and resistance bands come packaged with the Deluxe and Ultimate P90X DVD sets.


No doubt you’re wondering how much P90X costs. How much it costs depends on the kit you choose; Base, Deluxe, or Ultimate.

The Base kit comes with 12 DVDs, the 3-Phase Nutrition Plan, and a fitness guide. It costs three payments of $39.95 and $19.95 shipping and handling for a total of $139.80.

The Deluxe Kit contains all of the above and a chin-up bar, color resistance bands, and multi vitamins. It costs three easy payments of $79.90 and $19.95 shipping and handling for a total of $259.65.

The P90X Ultimate Kit has everything above, as well as an excellent chin-up bar, push-up stands, and an extra five training videos. It costs three payments of $109.85 plus $19.95 shipping and handling for a total of $349.50.

All of the DVDs are sold with a 90-day money-back guarantee minus shipping and handling.


The P90X home workout program from Tony Horton can help just about anyone reach their physical goals and be in the best physical condition they’ve ever been in. It comes recommended for both men and women with a range of fitness objectives. The program is flexible enough for everyone but the most basic of beginners, and it can be used to slim down, bulk up, or anything in-between. You will have to devote lots of time to the program (six days a week), but you can have a healthier, better-toned body complete with improved athletic ability and confidence in your body within three months.

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