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My Ninety Day Review Of The P90X3 Workout

Last updated: March 11, 2019

P90X3 is one of the more popular workout systems on the market right now. It’s the third installment in the famous P90X workout systems designed and developed by personal trainer Tony Horton. Originally released back in 2013, the program became a big hit with anyone who wanted to get a ripped body as quickly as possible to take on their next challenge.

Our P90X3 review will take a look at the workout to give you a deeper understanding of what you can expect from the program, and what it expects from you; how much time, money, and effort you will have to put in, and the results of following the program for yourself.

The History 

P90X was the workout that genuinely revolutionized the home workout scene and the fitness industry as a whole back in the mid-2000s. Developed by Tony Horton with the help of Beachbody, the workout made high-intensity exercise something everyone could do, even a middle-aged soccer mom who wouldn’t normally have the time or energy.

The award-winning infomercial for P90X became one of the most recognized adverts airing during late-night television.

With a combination of different proven strategies to lose weight and build muscle fast, the “Power of Extreme” system afforded incredible results in as little as three months. A combination of intense body-weight cross-training, sports exercises, and a nutritional plan – combined with supplements and other bodybuilding techniques – came together to create the ultimate workout routine.

P90X was soon snapped up by over 4 million people – including us – and there were several other versions released later; P90X Plus, P90X2, and P90X One on One. The new versions weren’t as popular as the original P90X program, and there were several reasons for that. One complaint people had was that the workouts were just too long; often taking up to an hour.

Most people don’t have the desire or time to exercise that intensely for up to 90 minutes, especially if you ask them to do it several times a week. There’s also the fact that P90X was incredibly difficult. While I have done it several times, and I was in good shape when I did, the program was brutal. I was using it to get back in shape ready to play competitive sports and do triathlons.

I asked my buddy who played college football to try out the program, and even he admitted that it was tough. The great news is that when comparing P90X vs. P90X3, the P90X3 program is much easier and shorter. It still delivers fantastic results!

This means that anyone should be able to tackle P90X3, not just those who are already in good shape.

If you didn’t complete P90X, you could still complete P90X3.

No doubt some of you had tried out P90X before and were unable to complete it because of how difficult it was, and how much of your time it demanded. Tony Horton considered this criticism and took it with him to the drawing board with the other experts at Beachbody. They ran all of their tests using people of all different age groups and fitness levels until managing to create something that was completely new and original and worked for as many people as possible.

What is the Workout and Diet Plan?

The P90X3 Workout and Diet Plan was created for people that don’t want to spend hours working out in the gym every day to get in shape. Many people are just too busy. They’ve got a family, they’ve got jobs, and they have other commitments to consider. Tony Horton from Beachbody created the program specifically for those people.

The workouts are split into 30-minute intense exercises that are all designed to strengthen and tone muscles. The program is designed for adults aged 18 and over. It helps both men and women to tone their body and lose fat through a diet and workout routine. Everything is described in detail, and a workout can be done in half the time that you would expect.

The program takes three separate methods of working out;
Becoming ripped plus strong
Designed for toning muscles without adding bulk.

Designed to build lean muscle mass.
P90X3 offers a variety of pilates, martial arts, yoga, resistance training, exercises for boosting agility and mobility, and total body resistance training to achieve results. It is available in three different kits that are sold to the people that need one specific approach.

Those kits are the Base Kit, Deluxe Kit, and Ultimate Kit. Those kits are all the same basic version of the program, with a few extras here and there for easier/better results.

Who is It For?

As great as P90X3 is, we should be honest and admit it isn’t suited for everyone. It’s for adult men and women that are looking to invest time and effort into their diet and exercise routine to boost their health and improve how they look and feel. Teens can benefit from the program, but they should follow it with adult supervision.

The workouts for the program seem to suggest that it is suited for a woman that want to tone their muscles after being pregnant and giving birth, those who have kidney transplants, overweight people, and the average man and woman who want to improve their fitness and feel better about how they look.

It will take some time, patience, and discipline to get used to the P90X3 program. If you find the exercise routines on the DVDs to be too intense, then feel free to slow things down and move at your own pace. Aim to complete five exercises instead of ten. Build your way to the final goal that Tony sets out in the program. Not everyone is going to get started on the same level, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Those who enjoyed P90X and P90X2 but felt the workouts could be too long
• Those who have trouble with staying motivated when working out on their own
• Just about everyone really, specifically busy people
• Those who have a hectic schedule with kids, work, and no time for working out
• Those who are always working to pay the bills and want to exercise in limited time
• Perhaps you enjoyed Focus T25 and wanted to add some extra strength
• It takes just half an hour; you work out how to fit it into your schedule!
• You’re looking to take your fitness levels up a notch
If you’re someone who is out of shape and doesn’t exercise, you shouldn’t expect to get immediate results from the program. It is designed for men and women that haven’t worked out in a while. Those who are working out on a regular basis may find it easier to execute the exercises and reach their goals than others.

P90X3 is great for people recovering from injuries and trying to recover strength in their arms, upper and lower body, muscles, and legs. It’s on an intermediate level; for people who want a simple workout routine they can do at home. It’s designed for people who would rather exercise at home than the gym.

With our P90X3 Workout Review, we feel that the program was designed for men and women from every walk of life. The P90X3 reviews we found were positive, and lots of people worked hard and had the patience to get the results they wanted.

What do you get with The Workout Program?

The P90X3 Base Kit comes with the 16 Extreme Workout DVDs, a Nutrition Guide and Fitness Guide, and a Pro-Grade Resistance Band. The Deluxe Kit comes with all of that, as well three extra Extreme Workouts, an Energy and Endurance Guide, and two additional resistance bands.

The Ultimate Kit, as the name suggests, comes with all 16 Extreme Workout DVDs, the Nutrition Guide and Fitness Guide, the Pro-Grade Resistance Band, the three extra Extreme Workouts, the Energy and Endurance Guide, two additional resistance bands, a original Beachbody mat, a results and healing formula, a durable chin-up bar, and a chin-up max band. Everything you could need.

The 16 Extreme Workout DVDs

The Six Muscle Resistance Building Workouts;
• Total Synergistic
A workout designed to help you lose weight and tone your body with 16 specific exercises.
• The Challenge
Upper body workouts and exercises for building strength.
• The Incinerator
An intense workout routine is pushing you to the limits of your abilities.
• The Warrior
An exercise routine that teaches you how to pump iron anywhere and at any time you want.
• Eccentric Upper
Workouts that develop muscles in the upper body across a few months.
• Eccentric Lower
Develops a ripped lower body.

The Three Cross Training Power Workouts Routines
• Agility X
A routine for improving balance, strength, and flexibility.
• Triometrics
Workouts for boosting the speed and power of all workout routines and exercises.
• Decelerator
Exercises for strengthening muscle stability and providing training for both men and women.

The Five Fat Burning Cardio Workouts
A resistance training workout that gears participants up for the complete-body burn.
Designed to lose fat thanks to a disciplined martial arts workout routine.
• Accelerator
A program designed to enhance muscle efficiency and improve cardiovascular health.

The Four Core Flexibility And Balance Workouts
• X3 Yoga
A routine designed to improve the entire musculature system and improve overall strength and balance.
• Pilates X
Develops joints, muscle health, and extending ability.
• Isometric
A workout routine that includes isometric contractions to build muscles and develop a lean body.
• Dynamic

Increases your range of motion to maximize results from all the different routines.

These workouts and exercise routines will require you to invest in some equipment, and this will be something of an additional cost. Any of the extra equipment necessary to complete the different workouts methods are the P90X Chin Up Bars a Chin-Up Max, and resistance bands. Some users report success with integrating weights, dumbbells, and a yoga mat as well.

Anyone that wants to achieve serious success with the program will find that their investment is worth it. Before you take on the program, remember that it is going to be vigorous. As such, you should have an excellent physical condition already. Consult your doctor before going through with the program. If you aren’t already in shape, you should work your way up to the right level on your own time. It takes a bit of patience is all.

About the Video Exercise Routines and Schedules

The Total Synergetic video has a total of sixteen exercises to begin the program. These exercises including push upside arm balances, knee pulls, chin-ups, squats, and balance arch. These exercises will require the chin up bar, dumbbells, or resistance bands. The Pilates X workouts focus on breathing and balance exercises while building flexibility and muscle strength. The Warrior is a complete exercise routine without any equipment necessary. It works the upper and lower body muscles to give you a total body workout.

There are three different schedules to get the results you want from the workout that is right for you. The Classic Schedule helps you to build muscle, lose fat, and build agility and speed. The Lean schedule is designed to help you build muscle without putting on too much mass; staying lean and firm. Then there is the Mass schedule, which is for those looking to bulk up and build muscle. This program will require you to stick to a specific eating plan so that you get enough nutrients to build muscle and grow.

Building mass takes more calories than most are used to eating. Rather than looking to lose weight when eating, it requires you to gain weight. It also requires you to stick to a specific exercise routine to use the nutrients properly.

More About the Extra Equipment

The P90X3 Chin Up Bars help to develop upper body muscle and strength through the exercise routines contained in the DVDs. The bar will fit most standard doorways in homes, and it’s ideal for working out. The P90X3 Chip Up Max is designed for use with the chin up bars. They help to push yourself and perform more complex and complicated movements. The P903X kits come with their resistance bands, but you have the chance to purchase your own at a later date. Beachbody does have their weights of between 3 and 8 pounds on sale, as well as medicine and stability balls for working out and all manner of other necessary equipment.

The Diet Plan

The diet plan is designed to help you burn fat and build muscle. It will help you to plan out your meals better and offers a list of the different foods you can consume to power your workouts. Any of the significant sources of protein in the P903X diet are lean beef, tuna, mackerel, salmon, whole eggs, turkey, chicken breast, and whey protein products.

The fats used in the diet are olive oil, coconut oil, peanut butter, almonds, cashews, flaxseeds, and chia seeds. There are plenty of fresh vegetables in the diet as well, along with a limited amount of fruits and grains to complete the diet.

The Fitness Guide

The P90X3 Fitness Guide offers hints on tips on getting the most from your exercise and workout routines. The Resistance Band is there to help exert the maximum effort without the need to use dumbbells. The one that is included in the kit has been designed for men and women to use with the provided workouts and exercise routines.

Schedule and Calendar and 24/7 Support

The workout calendar helps to keep track of how you are progressing and which workouts are coming up during the months you spend on the program. Everything has been outlined for you, so follow along and you can’t go wrong. The best way to stay motivated during your time on the workout is to have the support of the staff at Beachbody, which is just what you can expect. You’ll be able to talk to them about any potential problems you run into with the diet or routines. It’s always good to have 24-hour support there when tackling a new diet and fitness program.

What are the Workouts Like?

The workouts all take around 30 minutes each. They are simple enough to follow that will gradually build your strength, agility, and ability over time. Some people could have more trouble than others with the routines, but there are options to tailor the workouts to your ability and needs. P90X3 reviews have come in from men and women alike in various states of physical condition that report successful completion of the program.

Consumers say they love the workouts, but anyone that commits to the program has to commit themselves to see results seriously. The P903X workout reviews that rate the program favorably are offered by those who worked hard to give the program the dedication it deserved.

What to People Like Most About It?

When asked what people like about the P90X3 program, most people will talk about the length. It offers 30 minutes of pure awesomeness in a can. You can easily fit the workouts into a busy schedule; work out before lunch, after work, or any time you get a free moment. There are no excuses, so do it.

Another comment that people make is the outstanding results that people achieve considering they are only exercising for 30 minutes at a time. This alone should tell you that there’s no need to go to the gym for 90 minutes at a time to get the toned, trim, strong body you want. Here are the top 8 things to know about the P90X3 workout;

The Base Workouts Take Just 30 Minutes

Each DVD does come with an optionally extended warm-up – called a Cold Start session – and cooldowns, which could increase the workout by up to 18 minutes if you want. It is wise not to skip these segments, particularly the warm-ups, because they increase the effectiveness of the workout while also reducing the risk of injury from working out.

The Workouts Require Little Equipment
Just as with the original P90X program, dumbbells, a yoga mat, and a door frame pull up bar are pretty much all you need to complete the workouts. Most people will consider this to be a major advantage over the earlier P90X2, which requires more equipment to get through successfully.

P90X3 Can be Done by Beginners and Experts Alike
The program is a relatively simple one to complete. There’s none of that awkwardness that came with P90X2. Some reviewers say that P90X3 is the better starting point, particularly for those who aren’t used to going through such intense workouts. That’s right; some feel it’s more accessible than even the original P90X program!

The Workouts are Fast but Not as Intense as Other Workouts Like Insanity
Tony Horton has worked hard to maximize every second of the 30-minute workouts while keeping the intensity at a manageable level so even the average person – that’s you and me – can get through them. There are several compound exercises incorporated to improve the efficiency, with a minimum amount of “isolation movements” such as bicep curls.

The Cardio Equipment
The equipment used for the workouts is designed to offer a challenge and boost your metabolism. You’ll have plenty of chances to catch your breath if you need it, but your body quickly enters the ultimate fat burning zone and stays there until the workout is completed (and longer thanks to the “after-burner effects”).

The MMX Workout is a Lot of Fun
The new MMX workout, based on mixed martial arts, is intense but also a whole bunch of fun to go through. You’re always on the move with some fantastic front kicks, superman punches, and sprawls every so often. All of the other workouts are a challenge, but also enjoyable. You’re going to feel like you’ve put a lot of work in by the time you finish.

Tony has Improved his Infamous Yoga Workout Even More
There’s no more of that boring 90-minute yoga marathon here. It’s been replaced by a fast-based basic yoga session that many will find fun to go through. The Pilates workouts can be challenging if you haven’t done them before, given how unique they are, but no matter how tough it gets you’ll be done in half an hour.

The Nutrition Guide Adds a Lot of Value
The nutrition guide contains lots of great and delicious recipes and fully detailed eating plans designed for every type of person. It’s even available in gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

The Cost 

The P90X3 Base Kit will cost you $119.85, and you can pay it off in three installments with a debit or credit card. The Deluxe Kit will cost $79.90, while the Ultimate Kit costs $109.95. The additional equipment you need for the program include the P90X3 Chin Up Bar – which costs around $30 – and the P90X3 Chin-Up Max with resistance band – which costs around $47.00.

Generic resistance bands can cost between $25 and $30. That should give you a good idea of the total cost of the program. All in all, it should cost between $100 and $200 depending on the kit that you purchase. Resistance bands to come with all of the kits so be sure to check if you need another set before buying one.

Pros and Cons

One of the primary benefits of the program is that it takes just 30 minutes of exercise a day to complete. That is great for men and women with busy schedules. The fitness and nutrition guide included in the program help to plan and maintain a healthy diet to get the best possible results from P90X3. Beginners have the option of doubling up to 60 minutes a day for 90 days to get acquainted with the program. Being able to work out at home instead of the gym saves time and money as you won’t need a gym membership or personal trainer.

There are some cons to the program too. One is that you may not get the results you want as quickly as you want. It will take some time and patience – and a few months – before seeing a noticeable change. Discipline and patience are vital for the first month, as well as the entire duration of the program. The pacing can be too much at times for those who aren’t used to following exercise routines. You can adjust this to match your individual needs though.

Reviews and Results

Many P90X3 users report being surprised to lose around 10 pounds in 30 days when following the program. One kidney transplant patient was able to lose 20 pounds and said they felt 20 years younger when they completed the program. A mother of three said that the routines helped her to get back into shape after her three pregnancies in about 30 days. There’s an almost endless amount of positive P90X3 reviews to be found out there.

The majority of men and women love using the P90X3 workout and diet because it can fit into their busy schedule so easily. They can see great results from the program. A mother and full-time nursing student saw great results after exercising for just 30 minutes each day with P90X3. Five of her friends at the nursing school picked up the program for themselves after seeing the change she underwent.

One customer reported that the program was the best strength and cardio workout that they had ever done in 30 minutes. One P90X3 review explained that the results would only come with hard work.

Where to Purchase P90X3 Extreme Fitness Accelerated
The best way to purchase the different P90X3 kits – if not the only way – is directly through the official Beachbody page for the program. Beachbody sells the Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate kits directly. You can also find any equipment that you need on Beachbody. The prices for the packages and equipment vary, and most of the kits come with some free bonus gift included.

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